On-Going Specials  

The specials listed on this page are on-going. If you learn that the special is no longer honored, please inform me so that it may either be updated or removed.

List of On-Going Specials

CompUSA, San Jose, CA
The Mac Guild has worked out a deal with CompUSA at Blossom Hill Rd in San Jose, CA. They now offer anyone that comes into the store identifying themselves as a member of the Mac Guild users group 5% off any Apple software and 10% off any Apple accessory. This promotion is on behalf of this specific store's management and is NOT a national promotion, so it is limited to the Blossom Hill location only.

If for some reason the cashier does not recognize the promotional offer, you should simply politely ask for the manager on duty. The entire management staff is aware of this promotion (and it will be announced at their next "all store" meeting on April 9th to ensure that the entire sales floor is aware of it).
Tim Callahan, Sales Manager
CompUSA #761
634 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123

Bare Bones User Group Discount
Bare Bones offers User Group discounts on the following products:
Product Regular Price Discount Price
BBEdit 8.0 $179 $119
Mailsmith 2.1 $99 $79
TextWrangler 1.5 $49 $39
Super Get Info 1.2 $20 $15

Place your order at www.barebones.com/store/. Enter the Mac Guild coupon code in the "Promo Code" field and click on "Apply" (the coupon code can be obtained from the Mac Guild mailing list). The unit price should then change to the discounted price. As you continue shopping, the User Group discounted prices will be shown throughout the rest of the store.

Apple MUG Store
All Mac Guild members are eligible for the discounted pricing of Apple products at the Apple MUG Store.

When placing orders, be sure to mention you are a member of the Macintosh Guild, Group #254. Click here for more details and ordering information.

Apple EPP Discount Store
All Mac Guild members are eligible for special discounted pricing on all Apple products via the Employee Purchase Program.

To make a purchase with this special EPP pricing discount, you need to access the special Mac Guild EPP store. The URL for that store is only provided to Mac Guild members by way of the Mac Guild mailing list. If you are a Mac Guild member, and do not have the URL, you may request it using this form.


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