The Apple MUG Store

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you order anything from the MUG store, be sure to specify you are from the Macintosh Guild and provide our user group number. That's how the Mac Guild earns MUG points.

Our User Group number is 254.

User groups are a wonderful resource. Within a user group you'll find some of the most helpful and knowledgeable computer experts around - people who enjoy sharing their experience and advice. Many groups schedule speakers and events to keep you up-to-date on the latest technology. Getting involved in a user group is a great way learn how to make the most of your computer.

To take immediate advantage of being a member of the Mac Guild user group, you can visit the Apple User Group store and take advantage of special discounts. To do so, you need your user group ID and password.

The User Group Store is at

ID and Password changes quarter to quarter, and is provided to Mac Guild members by way of the membership mailing list. If you have lost the ID and password for this quarter, send an email to the mailing list or
contact support.

If you order something from the store, be sure to specify that you are a member of the Macintosh Guild, Group #254.

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