Sherlock Plug-ins

For Mac OS 9

If you're like me, then you still work in Mac OS 9, with the occasional visit to OS X to see what's new. I like to use OS X for Watson, a piece of software which does some things similar to Sherlock (hence the related name), but it does so much more, and it does it better.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, I'm stuck on OS 9 probably for the next 2 years (more likely longer since apps I need will never go native in OS X and I actually still prefer the user interface of OS 9).

Watson available for OS 9, I must rely on Sherlock. I have found it next to impossible to find Sherlock plug-ins for OS 9 these days, but I was fortunate enough to receive some from a Mac Guild member. To make them easily available to all, I am posting them all here.

I'm not taking the time to discern which are plug-ins that come with the system and which aren't. That's an exercise left to you. It's pretty easy to figure out.


Sherlock plug-ins for OS 9 are stored in a folder called "Internet Search Sites" which resides in your System Folder. The plug-ins available here are segregated into different folders known as "channels" in Sherlock. After downloading them, you can combine channels if you wish, and re-organize any way you prefer.

The Plug-Ins

Apple   Medical
Auction   Movies
Books   Music
Developer   My News
Entertainment   News
Files   People
General Search   Reference
General Shopping   Shopping
Internet   Travel
Mac Shopping   US Government

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