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Digital Industry is More Profitable With Macintosh,
According to New Study

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A Survey of Over 30,000 Creative Professionals Makes a Clear Case for the Return-on-Investment (ROI) Benefits of the Apple Macintosh.

SIGGRAPH, LOS ANGELES --Aug. 4, 1997-- To be announced here at the Siggraph 97 show which opens tomorrow, the 'ROI Tech Brief', by GISTICS Incorporated (Larkspur, Calif.) concludes that a creative professional using Macintosh systems from Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) produces over $26,000 more revenue annually than a Windows user of comparative skill engaged in similar work.

The enhanced revenue created by a creative professional using a Macintosh computer leads, according to the survey, to a payback for Mac-using studios in eight fewer months when compared to a similar studio based on Windows NT. The research also showed that over a three year period the PowerPC processor-based Macintosh user on average generates a 7.14 ROI, versus a Windows user's 2.02 ROI over the same period.

"This sends a clear message to our customers and to the marketplace." said Apple's senior director Jeff Martin,"According to the study, Macintosh systems help companies make even more money because they can devote more time to 'producing more finished, billable work' . It's that simple. Not only does Apple technology provide easier, more powerful systems, but it makes financial sense to use Macintosh for digital studios, both large and small, as well as independent professionals. The recent launch of Mac OS 8--with its increased stability, enhanced Finder and full Internet integration--makes the already most productive users in the industry even more productive."

The 'ROI Tech Brief' discovered that of the top 10 percent of income earners in the creative community, 62 percent use Macintosh, 20 percent use Windows, and the balance use UNIX or OS2.

"Since 1992, we have tracked independently the major segments of the North American Media Producer Industry," said James L. Byram, principal and director of Research at GISTICS Incorporated, an industry research group founded in 1987. "We have systematically examined the supply-side of the advertising, publishing, entertainment, and new media groups--an industry that earned $360 billion in 1996. This entails the use of thousands of "bottom-up" activity-based surveys, investigating how much time users across a wide spectrum spent their work day."

Byram continued, "In all areas of this mega industry, Apple maintains a commanding if not completely dominant market share, and remains thoroughly entrenched. Our survey data explains why: Mac media creators earn almost 100 percent more net profit per project than Windows users--$14,550 more in annual net profit per person. Our research has simply translated the hallmark but largely anecdotal ease of use benefits of the Mac into quantified productivity and economic gains."

GISTICS offers its 40-page ROI Tech Brief for $129, and a free four-page summary upon request by sending email to:

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