RadPak, by RadTech
Posted: 17-Jul-2006

4 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: RadTech Type: COMMERCIAL

Reviewer: Bill Catambay Class: HARDWARE
The RadTech RadPak is a semi-rigid clamshell case designed to safely stow the RadTech BT500 mouse.

The RadPak is a $10 add-on option when ordering the BT100, BT300, BT500 or BT510 mobile mice. I could not find any way to purchase the RadPak by itself.

How It Works
The RadPak is used quite simply as a storage case for the RadTech mouse. When you are not using your RadTech mouse, you simply stored the mouse within the clamshell case, and use the zipper to secure the case. The case can hold the RadTech bluetooth mice, but it can also hold a similarly sized miniature wired mouse (the cable can be coiled underneath the mouse).

How It Rates
The RadPak is a semi-rigid clamshell, and by semi-rigid, that basically means that for incidental contact, such as dropping it on the floor, or tossing it to someone across the room, the clamshell case will hold its form and protect the contents. If, however, you wanted to squeeze the case, the strength of average hands can force the shell to give way. You have to squeeze is unusually hard, something that is unlikely to occur in normal use. That fact that it does give way gives it a softer feel, which I actually prefer over a hard shell case.

The interior of the case is very soft, which helps prevent scratching of your mouse. I have a laptop case that includes padded pockets as well, but I prefer the RadPak for a couple of reasons. First of all, the padded pockets don't provide the protection that the clamshell case provides. Within the confines of the case, it provides ample protection, but if I were to place a hard and heavy object within the case, such as a drive, the interior pocket of the laptop case would not provide much protection from being crunched. Likewise, with the clamshell case, when I remove the mouse from the laptop case, it is still protected. I might want to carry the laptop and mouse to a different room, and with the RadPak, it stays protected until I'm actually using the mouse.

One of the things I like best about the RadPak may not have even been part of the design concept. Basically, the clamshell case makes it easier for me to locate the mouse within my laptop case. The mice sized for laptops are much smaller than standard mice, and fit into almost any pocket (and I have several pockets in my laptop case). It isn't always obvious to me where the mouse is located when I go to look for it. Stored in the RadPak case, it is much easier to locate the mouse, and the RadPak is still compact enough to not take up too much room.

After several weeks of putting the case to some use, I was quite pleased with the RadPak. The zipper mechanism zipped just as easily as it did the first day I used it, and the clamshell case was just as firm. The RadPak is very sturdy and reliable construction.

The RadTech RadPak is a semi-rigid clamshell case designed for the RadTech
BT500 mouse, but can be used to hold any of the small-sized laptop mice. It is made of a sturdy and reliable material that holds its form after weeks of use, still offering ample protection for the mouse. A side effect of using the RadPak, I found it much easier to locate my mouse within my laptop case. The RadPak is an inexpensive add-on when purchasing with a RadTech BT mouse, but unfortunately I could not find a buying option that allows you to purchase the RadPak by itself. If you are thinking of purchasing a RadTech laptap mouse, I strongly recommend adding on the RadPak travel case.


  • Sturdy and reliable protection for your mouse
  • Makes it easier to locate
  • Soft exterior with padded interior


  • No option to purchase by itself

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 Mice