Sleevz and ScreensavRz, by RadTech
Posted: 14-Jun-2005

4 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: RadTech Type: COMMERCIAL

Reviewer: Bill Catambay Class: HARDWARE

Now that you just bought that sparkling and shiny new Powerbook, what will you do to protect it? A laptop case is fine when it is packed away, but what about when you are just carrying the Powerbook by itself. Portable devices are often subject to dings, scratches and marks, but having your Powerbook scratched is like having your brand new car keyed. RadTech created the Sleevz, an inexpensive way to protect your Powerbook or iBook. The Sleevz is a protective form-fitting sleeve that hugs and protects your Powerbook or iBook. To compliment the Sleevz, RadTech also offers ScreensavRz, a protective cloth that rests on your keyboard, protecting your screen while the computer is not in use.

Sleevz Features

  • Superlight, form-fitting protective sleeve.
  • Made from our exclusive Optex fabric.
  • Breathable, yet repels liquids.
  • Offers significant protection.
  • Fits your 'Book like a glove.
  • Enhances your grip when carrying.
  • Debossed "PowerBook" or "iBook" logo on one side. Even get your own custom logo.

ScreensavRz Features

  • Shields notebook LCD's from oils, dirt and abrasions.
  • Expressly designed to clean and polish LCD Displays (cleans CDs/DVDs, too).
  • Removes prior LCD screen abrasion (keycap marks).
  • Ultra-tough and light cloth lasts for years.
  • Effective and economical screen cleaning solution.
  • Polish your entire notebook - especially good for iBooks.
  • Sizes for all brands of notebooks.
  • No oily residue or shedding like leather.
  • Combine with Wildeepz Display Cushions for maximum protection on all PowerBook G4s and Dual-USB iBooks.
  • Make a splash with stunning colors and logos (including your own custom logo).


  • Any Powerbook or iBook


Sleevz: $24.95 - $29.95
ScreensavRz: $14.95 - $19.95

The Sleevz
As soon as I slid my Powerbook into one of these Sleevz, I knew my Powerbook was safer. The Optex material is very rugged, and the tight fit meant no wiggle room. This sleeve offers very decent protection from everyday minor incidents. For the big drops, like dropping it on cement, you'll still want your Powerbook protected by a rugged padded case. The Sleevz is not a replacement for the case, but it is a very nice compliment.

The Sleevz are colored to match the silver "aluminum" color of the Powerbook, and includes a nice "Powerbook" logo on both sides (or "iBook" for iBooks). In addition to protecting the Powerbook from incidental scratches, it also makes the Powerbook a lot nicer to carry around. I never really liked the cold steely feel of my Powerbook when carrying it, as it always seemed icey to the touch. The Powerbooks are designed to be this way to keep them cool, but for human hands, it's less than desireable. With the Sleevz on the Powerbook, the Powerbook is no longer cold to the touch. The Optex material is it made of is a chamois-like material, soft to the touch. It also provides a lot better grip for your Powerbook, making it less likely that it might slip out of your hands.

The only cumbersome thing about the Sleevz is that because of it's tight fit, it is not the easiest thing to remove. It's kind of like peeling off a very tight pair of jeans. The Powerbook doesn't just slip out - it needs to be jiggled and finessed out. As advertised, it does stretch over a few weeks, making it simpler to slide off. However, it still requires some effort to remove it even after "relaxed". The fit may vary across different notebook type, but I would rather have it fit tight requiring a little effort versus being lose to the point of sliding off when you don't want it to come off. The protection it provides far outweighs the effort required.

The ScreensvRz
The ScreensvRz serves a dual purpose. For storing your Powerbook, these cloths lay over your keyboard protecting it from oily build-up and serving as a protective cushion between the keyboard and the screen. The cloth also doubles as a screen wipe. Like the Sleevz, it is made of a soft chamois-like material, Optex, that picks up oil and dirt, but doesn't scratch your display.

The ScreensvRz come in a variety of styles: silver "Powerbook" theme, aqua blue "Powerbook" theme, black "X" theme, and a Jaguar pattern theme (referred to as "Shagwire"). It looks good sitting on the keyboard, but more importantly, it is protecting your keyboard and display, providing piece of mind to Powerbook and iBook owners.

For a simplistic piece of cloth, some may question whether they need to spend the $15 to $20. Afterall, if you're already careful about keeping your computer closed and covered when not in use, it's not likely to have a lot of problems. On the other hand, standard wear and tear includes dirt and oily build-up, and I think this cloth really helps in combatting those elements and maintaining your Powerbook. It's a long lasting durable cloth that will most likely outlast the life of your computer. One of the reasons for the cost is that Optex is a very expensive material. It contains the highest fiber count of any material known to man, coming in at 1.5 million fibers per square inch. It can remove abrasions and key cap scuffing from an LCD surface, while not scratching it.

I only wish that RadTech offered a discount when purchasing the Sleevz and ScreensvRz together.

The RadTech Sleevz provide a very elegant and inexpensive way to both protect your Powerbook and iBook, as well as providing a much better grip and feel. You may struggle a bit with removing the tightly fitting Sleevz from your Powerbook, but the tight fit also serves as a sturdy protective wrap, and the extra effort is worth the piece of mind. Note, also, that the tightness will relax somewhat after a few weeks.

The RadTech ScreensvRz is an excellent compliment to the Sleevz, providing a variety of designs and colors to protect and clean your Powerbook's display and keyboard. Not everyone may understand the value in a single piece of cloth separating the keyboard from the display, but given the durability of the Optex material that it's made of, and the build-up of dirty and oil over time, this cloth does an excellent and unmatched job of keeping your Powerbook and iBook clean and oil-free without scratching your keys or display. The Sleevz and ScreensvRz together provide a dynamic duo of protective material prolonging the health of your Powerbook and iBook.


  • Sleevz: Protective wrap for Powerbook and iBook
  • Sleevz: Softer and better grip for carrying Powerbook and iBook
  • ScreensvRz: Protects screen and keyboard from oil build-up and from each other
  • ScreensvRz: Variety of colors and styles


  • Sleevz can be a chore removing from the laptop due to tight fit
  • $15 may seem a little high to some for a single cloth
  • No package discount offered for purchasing both items together

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 Mice