Printer Setup Repair 4.1.7, by Fixamac Software
Posted: 21-Dec-2004

5 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: Fixamac Type: SHAREWARE

Reviewer: Deborah Shadovitz Class: UTILITY
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No matter how much computers and the internet make our world paperless, we all have to print some time. And when we need to print, the last thing we want is to find our Mac won't see our printer or just won't print.

John Goodchild is a Mac user and technician who is responsible for over 100 Macs. In 2002, with OS X 10.1, the solution to common printing issues was to use the Terminal, entering a string of UNIX commands. John created a script that made that easier and shared it at VersionTracker. Apple liked his solution but doesn't encourage users to use the Terminal, so John soon took his solution to the next level, creating a simple-to-use graphic interface and naming it Print Center Repair (PCR) because it fixed Print Center problems.

Print Center Repair evolved into Printer Setup Repair (PSR) to keep pace with Apple printing utility app, has gained many helpful features, and has repaired many a printing issue on many a Mac. Huge companies like Time Warner rely on it to keep them printing. Since then, the pages at have hosted many a review such as "worked like a charm."

Supported Functions

  • Verify the root user
  • Verify and recreate the lp user
  • Verify and recreate the lp group
  • Verify and repair the Printer Setup Utility file permissions
  • Verify and repair the /System/Library directory permissions
  • Verify and repair the CUPS directories
  • Verify and repair the /Library directory permissions
  • Verify and repair the home user Library directories
  • Reset the Printer Setup Utility
  • Delete CUPS spool files
  • Verify and repair the /private/tmp directory
  • Stop, start, or restart the cupsd process
  • View and modify the hostconfig file
  • Replace the cupsd.conf file
  • Delete hidden temporary files
  • Delete all Printer Setup Utility preferences
  • Calculate the directory size of the pre-installed drivers
  • Delete the pre-installed drivers
  • Install PPD files
  • Delete PPD files
  • View the CUPS access_log file
  • View the CUPS error_log file
  • View the CUPS page_log file

In Use
In July 2002, I visited cousins in New Jersey and over dinner learned they were not happy with their new Mac as they were unable to print. I'd read about PCR at VersionTracker and immediately thought: "Ah!! My chance to put Print Center Repair to the test." A fast download from VersionTracker, a few buttons clicked, and my cousins were printing.

I could go into detail here about all the things PSR does, but it's not necessary because the interface is self-explanatory and the PDF manual that comes along with the download is meticulous about documenting every feature. Suffice it to say here that if you're having a problem printing - and it's not the printer itself or the cable connection - then PSR is likely to get you printing again.

Printer Setup Repair interface

But PSR does more than fix problems. It also prevents some problems, or at least one, by installing PPD (PostScript Printer Description) files properly and with the correct permissions. If you place the PPD file yourself, the file permissions will be set for your user. Even if the Printer Setup Utility accepts the PPD file, the printing system will not be able to access it when the time comes and print jobs will simply fail. If the PPD comes with an installer, that should be used instead.

There are versions of PCR or PSR for each version of OS X. To download the appropriate version, visit or VersionTracker.

PSR is the only application that deals with all things for printing in OS X. Without it, the only alternative to some issues is the Terminal, and a lot of research first, because not all solutions are documented. I've been recommending PSR right from its start - and I'm not alone in that. As my fellow authors have discovered its power, it has been recommended in many a Mac book as a key troubleshooting tool. PSR (or PCR) is something to have in your Utility folder, ready to go when printing troubles strike.


  • Fixes printing problems
  • Easy to use
  • No other utility does what this one does


  • None

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 Mice