Stickies 4.2, by Apple
Posted: 6-Dec-2004

4 1/2 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: Apple Computer Type: FREEWARE

Reviewer: Hazel Valera Class: PRODUCTIVITY

Do you like to use Post-It Notes? Do you lose them because they fell off your monitor or attached themselves on to another document that you find later on in life? With Apple's Stickies, you can take all the post it notes off your monitor and put it on your desktop! No more grabbing little post it notes and a pen to write things down. Using a keyboard shortcut, you can have a little sticky pop up on your desktop anytime you want. With the Stickies utility included free with Mac OS X, you can be on your way to a clutter free working environment. The best part is that all of your Stickies are in one place and can be located electronically by date, subject or in a file you created just for your Stickies.

System Requirements
Any Mac running Mac OS X.


Stickies comes already installed with Mac OS X. What could be easier? To start it up, double-click on the Stickies application located in your Applications folder, or you can use the keyboard shortcut of Command-Shift-Y.

In Use
When I got my iMac, I tried to familiarize myself with everything that OS X had to offer, including all the little simple applications that came with it. One of those applications was "Stickies". It looked cool and pretty much self explanatory. When I clicked on to the Stickies App, a yellow square box popped up on my desktop and I just started typing into it. I started with my "Things to do today", then my grocery list, my notes on people to email (as I was reading email). Sometimes I used it to cut and pasted little notes from articles that I would review later. I used to open Word and create notes. Stickies is much faster, especially if you are suddenly inspired and need to jot down notes on-the-fly.

So what are some of the features that Stickies has to offer?

Drag a picture to a note (later drag picture from note to email, etc.)

It is fully drag and drop, meaning that you can drag text and graphics to and from your stickie notes. With the greatest of ease, I can drag a JPEG from my desktop to a note, and from one note to another. So easy and fast! Need to import your old OS 9 Stickies? No problem. Just use the Import Classic Stickies option under the File menu.

Stickies comes with lots of formatting features

Stickies comes with several customization options, such as choosing a different color for each note, changing the font and styles, and even changing the Kern, Ligature and Baseline values. You can even make the windows float above other applications and change the translucency of a note. After you change the format of your note to your liking, you can then choose "Use as Default" under the Note menu so that all new notes you create use the same format. That saves the time of having to reformat notes.

If you need to print your notes, you can choose to print a single note, or print all your notes with one command. If you need to save a note, you can either leave the note open, or choose the Save option to save the text to a file. It's important to note that if you close a note without saving, you'll lose the note. You can quit the application, and Stickies will still remember all of the notes that were still open, and those notes will be redisplayed the next time your start up Stickies. This behavior is a little unusual compared to other text processing applications, but I've gotten used to it. Still, it would be nice to be able to "hide" a note such that I don't have to save it to a text file, but I can still choose to show the note when I needed to.

Stickies is a neat and hightech way of jotting down notes while you're on your computer. It supports a number of formatting features, colors, translucency, ease of printing and more. Best of all, it comes free with Mac OS X, and is fast to use. Stickies makes it very easy to take notes without impeding on other activities. As someone who does research a lot and is often gathering information, I have found Stickies to be an invaluable tool for many projects.


  • Fast note taking
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy drag and drop


  • No "Hide Note" option

Overall Rating

4 1/2 out of 5 Mice