DigitalMovie DVD-R, by Verbatim
Posted: 24-Feb-2004

4 1/2 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: Verbatim Type: COMMERCIAL

Reviewer: Bill Catambay Class: HARDWARE
The Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-R is a 1x to 4x speed DVD Recordable media with the unique look of a movie reel. Verbatim DigitalMovie discs are available in 3-packs with a choice of 4.7GB DVD-R or DVD+R media packaged in clear DVD Super Jewel Box cases. The discs can be used for backing up DVD video titles and transferring video tapes to optical media that won't degrade over time. The discs can also be used with compatible personal video recorders (PVRs) to standardize the look of their recorded videos in clear, DVD video-sized jewel boxes. With a capacity of 4.7GB, users can store 2 hours of high-quality video on a single disc, and at 4x speed, an entire 4.7GB DVD+R or -R disc can be recorded in about 15 minutes.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-R media has a street price of about $11.99 per 3-pack. I found the 3-pack at for $11.99, and a special deal on five 3-pack sets for $49.99 (bringing the price down to $10.27 per 3-pack) with free shipping.

The only difficulty I found in using the DVD-R's was getting the DVD-R out of the jewel case. If you try to pull it open from the top, and the plastic just bends (and you can see that it is clasped in the middle). When I tried placing my thumb on the middle of the right edge and pulling outward, my thumb would just slip off. The best way I found to open the case (after much experimentation) was to place the palm of my hand on the front of the cover, and while applying light pressure with my palm, using my fingers to left the right middle edge open. I've never seen another case open like this before, so without knowing this trick up front (no instructions on the box), some less patient consumers may find more drastic ways of freeing the DVD from the case. Once you know the trick, it's pretty easy.

Case aside, the DVD-R itself is just like any other DVD-R. Load it into your Mac's DVD burning drive (whether the Superdrive or a 3rd party drive), and run your DVD-burning software. Piece of cake.

In Use
Sporting the movie reel look, the main selling point of this DVD-R is definitely the presentation. However, it's important to note whether you are sacrificing quality for a nice look. In this case, not at all. The DVD-R records from 1x to 4x speeds, and in all my uses, it recorded flawlessly. The DVD-R discs are based on Mitsubishi Kagaku Media's Metal Azo recording dye technology, which, in simple words, means that the discs produce recordings with greater power margin and better sensitivity than earlier generation discs. The DigitalMovie DVD media also utilizes Ultra-Precise Molding technology, which means that you get very flat discs with stable high-speed rotation during reading and writing. Add to these facts that it comes with a lifetime warranty, and you have a solid and reliable DVD-R product.

Of course, the reason you'll want to buy these DVD-R's is because instead of a plain non-descript print on the top of the DVD-R, there is a movie reel image printed right on the disc, providing a very nostalgic and movie-like feel to the media. It's perfect for putting your home movies on, especially as gifts for family and friends. I used iMovie to put together a couple of movies of my nephew's first year, and burned them onto the DigitalMovie DVD-R using iDVD. They made great gifts! There was not a whole lot of room to write on the disk, so I had to abbreviate the title of the movie. If I wanted to make a list of all the contents in the movie, I could have created a printed slip, and placed it in the jewel case. Although the case may not be the easiest case to open, it is a very nice looking case, and the DVD carrier comes out so that you can insert a printed description of the contents behind it. You could also slide in a cover on the front as well (similar to a CD case, except instead of sliding left to right, the cover slides from top to bottom). The case is also sized similar to cases that commercial DVD's come in, so it will fit nicely into your DVD library.

Verbatim's DigitalMovie DVD-R discs are stylish DVD-R's that are imprinted with a cool movie reel look, sport state of the art technology in terms of product design and reliability, include a tall clear DVD case, and come with a lifetime warranty. These DVD-R's work great with iDVD, are perfect for your home movies, and make really nice gifts. The jewel case is difficult to open unless you know the trick of opening it. These DVD-R's would be great for mailing as well, so it would be nice to have the option to purchase them on a spool without the cases. For anyone burning home movies, you're going to love these DVD-R's!


  • State of the art DVD-R technology
  • Cool movie reel design
  • Tall jewel case fits your DVD library
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Case can be difficult to open
  • Limited writing space on label
  • No option to purchase on a spool

Overall Rating

4 1/2 out of 5 Mice