Cee Pee You 1.1.1, by Unsanity LLC
Posted: 17-Mar-2003

5 out of 5 Mice

Vendor: Unsanity LLC Type: FREEWARE

Reviewer: Bob Kenyon Class: UTILITY

Cee Pee You by Unsanity LLC is an annoyingly simple application that merely shows you how busy the CPU is. Normally, on a unix box, which is what the Mac OS X operating system is after all, you could run Process Viewer, or even "top" on the command line, but Cee Pee You gives you 99% of what you want to know right on the menu bar.

The download weighs in at 535KB, and automatically unstuffs into a disk image that is then mounted by the Finder. The installer is straightforward, and it even allows you to install it for all users on the system.

After the installation, the program can start itself, and you are left with pretty much the only output the program has--a percentage printed on your menu bar telling you how busy your CPU is. At 100%, your CPU is really working, and 0% means that you should sign up for one of those distributed calculation clients like Seti at Home.

Clicking on it produces a menu that lets you change the font size, find out the version, and Only Show User Load, which leaves out the load imposed by system calls.

CeePeeYou is a very simple program which shows you the CPU utilization percentage in the menu bar. This is useful to see if your computer is actually doing something, or if you want make sure your SETI or Folding clients are running at full speed. It works great and has never caused me any problems. It is well worth the price (free!) and time to download. Highly recommended.


  • FruitMenu Items Folder with SubMenu Feature
  • Dock Support
  • SubMenu Feature for System Preferences


  • Does not provide the same functionality as the "Send To" feature

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 Mice