Iconographer 2.0.1
Posted: 29-Jul-2001

4 out of 5 Mice

Author: Mscape Software Type: SHAREWARE

Reviewer: Stan Hadley Class: UTILITY
$15   Download

If you want to create your own icons for files or folders, Icongrapher 2.0.1 ($15 shareware) provides a very good tool to do so. You can either create new icons or open the icons of existing files or folders for manipulation. It will let you hand-make all the different sizes that the Mac OS uses, from pre-OS 8, 8-bit icons, to the humongous ones used by Mac OS X. It will even let you write icons for Windows. If you don't want to draw each one, it will let the OS create the others based on the one you do create. If you want to hand-tune the other sizes, then you can. It has a very good help file describing the ins and outs of icons and icon creation.

The tools it provides are the typical drawing tools that other Mac programs have: pencils, spray cans, erasers, etc. Colors are selected through the different colorpicker methods such as RGB, HSV, pantone, or system standards. You can set up your own favorites palette as well.

The one difficulty I had was pasting a picture into the program as a starting point to create a thumbnail. I copied a face off of a picture in Photodeluxe, but it was larger than 32x32, the standard size for icons. Rather than scale the photo down, Iconographer pasted the center 32x32 pixels of the picture into the icon. As a work around, I created an empty folder and used Get Info to show the icon with the regular info of the folder. I then clicked on the icon in the window and pasted the photo in. The Mac OS will scale down the picture in the clipboard into the icon size. I saved that, and then was able to use Iconographer on the scaled down picture.


  • Includes good documentation
  • Familiar palette of drawing tools
  • Extensive options


  • Lack of scaling when pasting in pictures

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Mice