Iconographer 2.0.1
Posted: 27-Mar-2001

5 out of 5 Mice

Author: Mscape Software Type: SHAREWARE

Reviewer: Earl Bruch Class: UTILITY
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Performa 6116CD/72MB/9.2GB 7200RPM SCSI HD with Sonnet G3 Upgrade PDS Card, 2MB HPV PDS CARD and MacOS 9.0.4

The developer of Iconographer 2.0.1 has developed a powerful cross-platform (MAC/PC) icon development tool. Those familiar with the Macintosh versions of Adobe PhotoShop or Macromedia Freehand 9 will find a truncated toolbox and convenient tabbed windows to aid in creating their icons. The Iconographer 2.0.1 Preview Window allows the user to see how the icon looks at different bit levels from 1 to 32 on the desktop without writing an icon file. Selecting the right system or rgb color and manipulating the hue and saturation of the perfect color is simple with this software. A wide variety of fill textures are available to design more than just the ordinary icon.

Multi-platform icon developers can use this tool to load .ico Windows format files and write those files to disk and transfer the icon files to their WINTEL machines. Maybe this program can be ported to Redhat Linux in the next distribution because the Icon Editor available with gnome has a elementary GUI design and a limited palette for creating professional looking icons.

Since it is Mac OS software and has a similar windowing scheme to industry standard graphic design software, it has an intuitive graphical user interface that is easy to navigate. Users can even cut and paste images to be made into an icon or drag and drop a mask into the Preview Window from PhotoShop to incorporate a transparent effect into the Iconographer 2.0.1 file.

Whether you use this program with PhotoShop or another graphics program, this software alone can produce above average 16 to 32 bit icons for the MAC/PC platforms.


  • Professional looking toolbox and windowing system
  • Multi-platform icon development
  • Incorporate work from other graphics programs
  • Detailed help when show balloons is active
  • HTML formatted additional notes and help
  • Tabbed window for color selection and adjustment window


  • None

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Mice