ButtonMaker v2.0
Posted: 7-Mar-2001

4 out of 5 Mice

Author: Micah Lanier Type: FREEWARE

Reviewer: Mark A. Wood Class: UTILITY

The author of ButtonMaker 2.0 has taken the old adage of "pick one thing and do it better than anyone else" to heart. This software gives you the option to make six similar shaped buttons with slight variations on the corners. Options are available for button width, text, size, alignment, and text color.

The software interface is comprised of an option screen and a button image. The creation of the buttons is simple and intuitive. With the selection of each option, your button is updated automatically. Once complete you have the flexibility of saving your button as 10 different file types such as jpg, pict, or bmp

To create a button you select one of seventeen button types, enter your button text, select your font, font style, and size along with alignment. Then adjust the button width to size required to encompass your text line, finally select you text color with the RGB slide bars or from presets, and then save your web ready button.

NOTE: Versions after 2.0 have removed the Aqua styles removed due to Apple legal hassles (but adds new styles and new features).

If you are looking for a program to make a basic rectangular yet professional looking button then ButtonMaker 2.0 is a clear winner. Compared to other more flexible programs such as Adobe Photoshop, ButtonMaker is simpler and faster at what it does.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Professional looking buttons
  • Freeware


  • Limited colors and shapes
  • No adjustment of button height
  • Left or right text alignment will overlap edge of button
  • No option to save as gif

Overall - 4 out of 5 Mice.