Darkside of the Mac vs BlackWatch
Posted: 22-Feb-2001

Darkside of the Mac:



Reviewer: Julie Reynolds-Grabbe Download
A. Description of software titles

DarkSide of the Mac 4.2 is an application that serves as a screensaver. It has 44 graphic "faders" or modules to choose from. It is a small application weighing in at 112 K. It was put together by Tom Dowdy and in order to become a registered user, you can send $15 to the author. For all intents and purposes, it is a freeware application.

BlackWatch 1.5.4 is also a screensaver application. It was written by Ken McLeod who works for Apple Computer, Inc. It has several visual options including a password option. It also has a screensaver countdown to Y2K. It is 112 K and is updated often. To get it to work you need to put an alias to the application in your startup items folder. That way it will always start up when your Mac does.

B. Pros

DarkSide of the Mac has superior flexibilty. It is very easy to install and use. It puts an alias to itself in the Startup Items folder automatically as part of the install. It is also nice that it is such a small application. It is definitely not bloat-ware.

BlackWatch has a good interface and can be customized easily. You can also set a password on the application if you would like. It appears to be updated more than Darkside of the Mac.

C. Cons

Dark Side of the Mac is pretty old (1994) but still working!

BlackWatch doesn't have as many module options as DarkSide of the Mac.

D. Comparison/Ratings/Summary
Application Darkside of the Mac BlackWatch
User Interface: 4.5 Mice 4.5 Mice
Functionality: 4.5 Mice 4.5 Mice
Overall: 4.5 Mice 4.5 Mice

Too close to call! I would go with either Dark Side of the Mac or BlackWatch. The price is right!