PCalc vs ProCalc
Posted: 22-Feb-2001




Reviewer: Mark Waldmiller Download

PCalc and ProCalc are two small applications that each mimic scientific calculators. The usual set of scientific and trigonometric functions you would expect to find in a scientific calulator are implemented in each of them. For each calculator, I have included a short description below, followed by their pro's and con's.

PCalc presents the typical scientific functions, along with decimal, hex, and binary number conversion, with a user interface you would expect for a simple scientific calculator. It also includes additional functions in pull-down menues, such as measurement unit conversion and constants. These extra functions are also extensible by editing a text based functions definitions file, should you need one that is not included.

ProCalc seems the most polished of the three calculators reviewed here. It provides a nicely layed out user interface with all the usual scientific functions and decimal, hex, octal, and binary number conversions clearly available on its buttons. An optional ticker tape is also provided, as well as an option in its menus to determine how results are calculated. That is, you can choose the conventional non-scientific "sequential" order of calculation, the "algebraic" order common to scientific calculators, or "RPN" (Reverse Polish Notation) order common to HP calculators.

In summary, the Pros of each calculator application are as follows:

  • PCalc - Simple interface and user extensible functions as well as measurement unit conversions available from pull-down menues.
  • ProCalc - Friendly interface, optional ticker tape, user selectable computational order.

The Cons are:

  • PCalc - Accessing of extra functions from pull-down menues has cumbersome feel. No ticker tape available.
  • ProCalc - Lacks measurement unit conversions and user defined functions.

Comparitive ratings:

Application name PCalc ProCalc
User Interface: 3.5 Mice 4.5 Mice
Functionality: 4.0 Mice 4.0 Mice
Overall: 3.5 Mice 4.0 Mice