Apple Error Codes vs MacOS Error Guide
Posted: 22-Feb-2001

Apple Error Codes:


MacOS Error Guide:

Reviewer: Julie Reynolds-Grabbe Download
A. Description of software titles

Apple Error Codes is an application that allows the user to find information on all Apple Error Codes. It is broken into 10 categories and has a simple to follow interface. It is a small application weighing in at 368K. It also has some amount of graphics and has a nice functional and easy to use layout. It was put together by Rustle Laidman from articles obtained from

MacOS Error Guide is also an application that provides information on Apple error codes. It is also broken into 10 categories. It is small application weighing in at at only 112K. This application was put together by Ronn Yochum from several sources including Pete Corless' System Error's 7.0.1 and another application called MacCheck.

B. Pros

Apple Error Codes has a superior interface. It is very easy to follow and find the information that you are searching for. It is also nice that it is such a small application. It is definitely not bloat-ware. It also has some sounds built-in. It also has convenient buttons at the top of application.

MacOS Error Guide has a pretty good interface. It is logically laid out and easy to find the information that you are seeking. It is even smaller than Apple Error Codes which is very nice (hard to find any apps under 200K nowadays!).

C. Cons

Apple Error Codes is slightly outdated (1997).

MacOS Error Guide is even older - from 1995. Its interface isn't as fluid and easy to use as Apple Error Codes. To get to the table of contents, you have to click on the bottom left corner heading. This isn't very intuitive.

D. Comparison/Ratings/Summary

Apple Error Codes:

Functionality/Utility -> 5 Mice
User Interface -> 5 Mice
Overall -> 5 Mice

MacOS Error Guide:

Functionality/Utility -> 4 Mice
User Interface -> 4 Mice
Overall -> 4 Mice

The winner in this comparison is Apple Error Codes, hands down. It is newer, easier to use and navigate and has a really nice interface. I would recommend this application to anyone who needs a reference for Mac Error Codes.

MacOS Error Guide is also a good reference, just a bit outdated and not as easy to navigate. 

Both applications are worth having on your machine so you can unlock the secrets of Mac OS errors!