The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book: Jaguar Edition
Posted: 27-Apr-2003

Mac Guild Grade

Publisher: PeachPit Press


Reviewer: Doug Parker $29.99

The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book: Jaguar Edition

By Robin Williams
ISBN: 0321169662
Published: DEC 26, 2002, 808 pages
List Price: $29.99

In her book The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book: Jaguar Edition, Robin Williams goes to great lengths to cover never ending aspects of Apple's OS X 10.2, Jaguar, from its menus, to the Dock, to applications and utilities-and she leaves few stones unturned. The book is very well organized, with each item covered in its own chapter. Screen captures abound, which are always helpful. The chapters are grouped into major headings: The Basics, Beyond the Basics, The Internet, Basic Networking, Extra Stuff, and Back Matter.
Target Audience
The target audience for her book is the slice of computer users ranging from brand new Macintosh users to early intermediate Mac OS users who are making their transition from OS 9 to OS X. Techies looking for coverage of Jaguar's BSD underpinnings will have to go elsewhere.
As a seasoned Mac OS user, I did learn a few tips, but not enough to keep me interested throughout all 700 pages. However, for new users, Robin Williams has compiled a clean, clear feature summary of just about everything in Jaguar. I would not have a problem suggesting this book to anyone new to the Mac. Like the Three Bears, it's not too long, it's not too short, it's not too simplified, and not too detailed-it's just right.
Mac Guild Grade
A Outstanding
Final Words
After going cover to cover, you will have visited all the rooms in Jaguar's mansion, and inspected some of their corners. You'll know what settings are available, what tools are waiting to be used, and how to get to them. This is not an overview, but a step by step tour through a significant number of operational basics, utilities, applications, and system preferences, to show everything available in Jaguar. For anyone who needs a guided tour through the new Mac OS X Jaguar, Robin's book provides it plainly and simply.