Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
Posted: 14-Dec-2002

Mac Guild Grade

Publisher: O'Reilly


Reviewer: Craig Bjorkman $29.95

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition

By David Pogue
2nd Edition October 2002 
0-596-00450-8, Order Number: 4508
725 pages, $29.95 US

What the Book is About
Mac OS X, The Missing Manual (Second Edition). This is a very comprehensive book describing the Mac OS X operating system and all the applications that come with it. It even includes Jaguar.
Level of Reading
One of the highlights about this book is that it is designed to accommodate readers at all technical levels. Most discussions are written for advanced-beginners or intermediate Mac users. Miniature sidebar articles called "Up to Speed" are also included to help the most novice users.
What to Expect from the Book
In addition to separate sections describing "What Mac OS X Gives You" and "What Mac OS X Takes Away", the book does an excellent job in pointing out whatís new with Jaguar. This makes it valuable even to those that are quite familiar with OS X. The book is broken down into 5 sections:
  1. The Mac OS X Desktop
  2. Applications in Mac OS X
  3. The Components of Mac OS X
  4. The Technologies of Mac OS X
  5. Mac OS X Online
There are also appendixes describing both install and uninstall functions, as well as a separate section on troubleshooting.
Highlights of the Book
The amazing thing about this book is you can read from cover to cover or just use it as a reference book. For those fairly new to OS X, the book is very comprehensive and easy to read. Those already familiar with OS X will be pleased to know, with over 700 pages of material, it makes an excellent reference book. I have used it in this manner on several occasions, and found it easy to quickly locate information on the most obscure of topics.
Mac Guild Grade
A Outstanding
Final Words
A "Must Have" for anyone using OS X!