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The "Mac OS X Migration" poll was conducted from Panther to Tiger (2004 to 2005), asking members of the Mac Guild to summarize their Mac OS X migration experience (see the poll question). The poll also allowed members to specify their top 10 likes and dislikes about Mac OS X. The responses have been tallied under the headings of "Likes" and "Dislikes". Similar issues were combined, and only issues with at least 3 responses are included in the lists below. The issues that made the list have been ranked by the number of responses, with the issues mentioned the most showing at the top of the list.

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Please note that the issues listed are perceived likes and dislikes from Mac Guild members. Some responses required some deciphering, and the best attempts were made to group issues accordingly.

Top 39 Likes of Mac OS X

NOTE: Stability skyrocketed to the top with 79 responses, with UNIX underpinnings a close second at 69 responses. All of the top 5 received at least 50 responses.

  1. Stability (fewer crashes)
  2. UNIX underpinnings (command line, Terminal, UNIX programs, X Windows apps)
  3. Graphics (Quartz, Aqua)
  4. Bundled software (Mail, iChat, Safari, Preview, iCal, etc.)
  5. iLife applications (iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, Garageband)
  6. Automatic memory management (true multi-tasking)
  7. Memory protection (force quit, crashing programs don't crash system)
  8. Security (less prone to viruses, security features, firewall, filevault, passwords)
  9. Multi-user support and fast user switching
  10. Interoperability with Windows (file sharing, Samba/SMB)
  11. Apple Dock (contextual options, easy access, genie effect)
  12. True Plug and play (USB/Firewire, built-in drivers, hot pluggable, 2-button mice, multiple monitors)
  13. Networking (easy to configure, automatic setup, improved networking, wireless)
  14. Finder windows (eject buttons, cascading windows, column view, sidebar, search)
  15. Expose
  16. Automatic software update
  17. Support for open-source standards
  18. Developer tools (XCode, Java, OpenGL, Applescript)
  19. Native PDF support
  20. Ease of use
  21. Fast boot time/wake from sleep
  22. Ease of Customizing (System Preferences)
  23. Classic support
  24. Hot keys (app switching, volume control, screen snapshots)
  25. Printer management (rendezvous, printer sharing, IP printers, change printer at dialog)
  26. Built-in server functions (ftp server, mail server, web server)
  27. Native MS Office X
  28. Miscellaneous features (Grab, GetInfo, Multi-language, Color management, labels, screen savers, built-in VPN)
  29. Speed
  30. Improved file system
  31. Power management (energy saver)
  32. Interoperability with other UNIX servers
  33. Bluetooth support
  34. Long file names; larger file icons
  35. Font manager (Windows truetype fonts, Font book)
  36. System monitor utilities (UNIX)
  37. Improved calculator
  38. .Mac integration
  39. Multiprocessor support

Top 49 Dislikes of Mac OS X

NOTE: Dislike of the Finder ranked number one with 61 responses, with Dock dislikes a very close second at 57. Performance comes in with 41 responses, but response totals drop after that, ranging from 17 and below, showing a diverse set of dislikes.

  1. Finder issues (non-intuitive, slow/inconsistent updates, view options default to "all windows", volume desktop icons reserve more space than they take up, positions not remembered, multiple windows for same folder, folder & label colors look bad, missing features, inconsistent behaviors)
  2. Dock issues (obtrusive, cannot be turned off, lack of customization)
  3. Slow Performance (lackluster, sluggish, application startup, boot)
  4. Poor performance in Classic (required for non-ported apps)
  5. Permission hassles
  6. Cannot customize Apple menu
  7. Safari bugs and web site incompatibilities
  8. Poor support of older peripherals
  9. Migration issues (cost, Windows to Mac confusions)
  10. Lots of OS 9 apps not ported to OS X
  11. Loss of resource forks (no ResEdit, no file types and creators, use of filename extensions)
  12. OS Upgrades (steep price, no break after recent purchase, breaks programs)
  13. Not all OS 9 apps and inits work in Classic
  14. Memory hog, lack of memory usage monitor
  15. No desktop trash
  16. No windowshade function
  17. Annoying window behaviors (windows go off screen, border dragging, resizing)
  18. Don't feel in control of OS (restrictions, system architecture, mysterious background activity, Multi-user file updates)
  19. Does not run on older Macs
  20. Reliability issues (system still crashes)
  21. Network issues (manual configuration non-intuitive, connectivity not robust)
  22. Missing customization features (JPEG screenshots, override FKeys, shutdown shortcuts, appearances, sounds)
  23. No GUI themes
  24. No application menu
  25. Safari lacks features (bookmark editing, separate reload/stop button, etc.)
  26. Does not run on non-Apple hardware
  27. Printing issues (drivers, dialog navigation, reconfiguring printers)
  28. Font management is a nightmare
  29. Persistent busy problems freeze system (indefinite spinning beach ball)
  30. Applications windows no longer grouped
  31. UNIX (ugly OS, introduces security risks)
  32. Poor scanner support and software
  33. Built-in VPN does not work with Nortel server
  34. Lack of drivers and driver features
  35. Inconsistent interface (metal vs aqua)
  36. No native sound file support
  37. Loss of Cmd-N for new folder
  38. Need better interoperability with Windows
  39. Applications lack features (Mail, Preview)
  40. Miscellaneous problems (sleep mode, external firewire drives)
  41. Administrator mode required for too many things
  42. Missing or lacking utilities (control strip, notepad, scrapbook)
  43. Passwords (Login requirements too rigid, keychain problems)
  44. Help system (lack of immediate help for specific areas of windows and dialogs, no administrative guides)
  45. Miscellaneous annoyances (Airport setup should work if hardwired to Airport, TextEdit refuses to preserve Simpletext format, server connection failures tie up resources, cannot edit time server list)
  46. Missing menu options (contextual menu, date and time on menubar)
  47. Disk utility not robust
  48. Installation pains (time consuming, 40,000+ files, corruptions)
  49. iSync issues (Nokia bluetooth phones, user selectable data)

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