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Folks, to see a good summary of what has happened at NASA take a long look at:


The media, the IG, the US Congress, all were contacted and convinced of the waste of tax dollars and ONLY AFTER common sense studies based upon facts, figures, and data were presented to management.

And yet today JSC is a wintel shop.

So, lessons learned? Sure, here are some ideas. You may think this is hardcore and too aggresive, and it is. But considering the results at JSC, maybe it should be more hardcore. I think you will be very disappointed, as is JSC, if you only take the route, "Lets present management with the facts and cost savings of the Macintosh."

0.5) Begin presenting management with the facts and cost savings of the Macintosh.

1) If you are doing government work and using government dollars, then IMMEDIATELY contact the Inspector General of your organization. Remain anonymous if you are a contractor since you are not protected by laws which protect civil service employees.

2) Lockheed has a large presences in California, right? Well, contact Congressman George Brown, ranking Democrat of the Science Committee. He has a staff aide, James Paul, looking deeply into the NASA situation. It is said Brown has taken a "special interest" in this issue. Hum...........where is Apple from?

3) If Lockheed is involved with NASA projects and are being forced into a pc standard by NASA, contact
Chick Heaton, Inspector General NASA, 202 358-2561. They have received complaints concerning NASA forcing contractors into pc standards.

4) Contact Henry Norr of MacWeek. He broke the story on the JSC/NASA situation. Get the story out in the open. Link it to JSC. Keep it on the up side, stress cost effectiveness. Congress will help put a stop to this. Yes, they read this stuff. Or contact Heather Harreld at Federal Computer Week. She has also written some great articles. John Breeden of Government Computer week is also a good place to start.

5) Usually a wintel takeover is actually a Microsoft takeover. See if any other vendors are being affected. At NASA, Novell, Netscape, and Claris were also replaced with Microsoft. Make sure they know of the intentions of Lockheed management.

6) If you are working with tax dollars, then make sure the IG takes action to put a stop to the transistion ASAP until the investigation is complete. As in the NASA situation, once the transition was complete, the IGs report was a moot point.

7) Lastly, persistence is essential. Do not give in to apathy. Fight the good fight, and do not let up.

Updated: 8-Auguest-1997
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