When Bungie Software came out with their award-winning 1st-person thriller for the Macintosh, Mac gamers scrambled to complete the massive thirty level adventure. After killing every single Pfhor they could get their Assault Rifle on, the Marathon enthusiasts lugged their machines to friends' houses to compete in vicious free-for-all networked chaos. Soon, however, many people were becoming tired of the same old levels, same old netgames, and same old graphics. Shortly thereafter, several brave programmers let loose various file editors for Marathon, and the world has never been the same. Seeing the incentive to make wonderful work, Bill Catambay gathered up a handful of talented individuals, and the rest is history.

Veritas (GM5 Devcore)

It is the 34th century to mankind. While amazing technological feats have been created by mankind, their failure to discover a means to travel the galaxy quickly has doomed the entire race to a slow stagnation. Mankind exists on but five worlds, settled with cryogenically frozen humans centuries before. Communication even between these is brief: Travel even with the best technology takes a decade or more. Mankind has become divided by the dark gulfs of space. But the influence of mankind spreads much farther.

This is just the beginning of the story! There's much much more! This project is a work-in-progress, and is being developed to work with the Aleph One engine.

Visit the GM5 Devcore page at

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge
Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge (or EMR) has taken the MMMG to the next level. There are ALL new shapes, sounds, plots, monsters, and music. Continuing the story where Devil left off, you wake up in the sickbay of the intergalactic starship known as Kronus, where your old friend Merlin contacts you and starts you on your adventure. Travelling through time, you will face unknown dangers and certain death on a valiant quest to save the galaxy from a threat far greater than any three-eyed pirate.

Visit the EMR home page at
Visit the EMR page at the

Download EMR v1.4 for M1
Download EMR v2.0.4 for Infinity

Devil in a Blue Dress
The MMMG's first creation, Devil in a Blue Dress took the Marathon world by storm with its incredible level design, stirring plot, and unbeatable chapter screens. This creation put the MMMG on the map, but Devil's story is not yet finished. Though you killed the pirates and saved the day, heroism continues Ad Infinitum...

Visit the DiaBD page at the

Download DiaBD v1.5 for M1
Download DiaBD v2.2 for M2

By Scott Noblitt
Escape!! is a 7-level scenario created for the Marathon 2 engine and texture sets so people can have an extension to Marathon 2 that is both fun and challenging. It introduces a new storyline and an AI, as well as totally new levels. For more information, visit the Escape!! home page.

Download Escape!!

Levels of Lh'owon
By Scott Noblitt
This is a collection of net maps designed to be played in Marathon 2 (still works in Marathon i though). All of these levels were built from scratch in Pfhorte 2.0a13 and 2.0a14, my map editor of choice! They all support Everyman for Himself, King of the Hill, and Kill the Man with the Ball. For more information, visit my Marathon page.

Download Levels of Lh'owon

Some More Lh'owon
By Scott Noblitt

Ready to travel back to Lh'owon and feel the pain of dying yet again? If so, then load this netpack into Marathon and literally have a blast. "Some More Lh'owon" is the sequel to my older 35-level "Levels Of Lh'owon" netpack. Observant folks might notice this pack as being released slightly less than one year from the original "Levels Of Lh'owon 1.0". For more information, visit my Marathon page.

Download Some More Lh'owon

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