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1-1-04 - The GM5 project has been canceled.

3-21-02 -
One year later! The
MMMG Tools page has been updated.

3-15-01 -
A new
mailing list subscription page has been posted for the MMMG, GM5 and Deus Ex mailing lists.

3-5-01 - The Mists of Avalon server which hosts MMMG and Aleph One downloads, as well as other freeware and shareware, has been moved from domain to Please update your bookmarks!

2-9-01 - The EMR CD now comes with the new EMR Kaleidoscope schemes! To download them only, grab them from the Kaleidoscope page.

12-12-00 - The new EMR black t-shirt has arrived! Order yours today. There is a very limited quantity. Be sure to specify "mmmg" as your coupon code to receive $3 off.

10-12-00 - The GM5 project has made some progress forward, including a defined story, some textures, project mailing list, and it's own web site! Click here to visit the GM5 Devcore web site.

8-31-00 - Check out the preview of the new EMR black t-shirt. Be sure to send Bill an e-mail if you are interested, as these will be printed in a very limited quantity.

6-28-00 - EMR Infinity v2.0.4 released!

6-27-00 - The new MMMG project has been kicked off on its own mailing list. If you are interested in joining this new Aleph One based project (dubbed GM5), send an e-mail to Brett.

6-20-00 - The MMMG has been discussing new scenarios to create with the Aleph One engine for the past several months. While no suggestion has been widely accepted by all, several suggestions have been of interest, including a modest proposal called Dimensions.

6-18-00 -
The Mists of Avalon Hotline server is now open for business! The server supports the MMMG, Aleph One project, EMR downloads, and the Macintosh Guild freeware selections. See the
top of this page for current IP address of server.

6-12-00 -
Congratulations to Bruce Everett of Whittier, CA, who was order #100 and received a special $5 bonus discount on his

6-10-00 -
EMR T-shirts are on clearance! Now marked down to $15.

5-13-00 -
EMR Infinity v2.0.3 released.

5-12-00 -
Online order forms now available for the
EMR CD and EMR T-shirt.

5-9-00 -
Hastur's Workshop, previously retired, is now alive again on the MMMG
Tools page.

5-6-00 -
The first officially beta of
EMR for Aleph One is released to the public!

5-3-00 -
EMR Infinity v2.0.2 released.

4-23-00 -
EMR Infinity v2.0.1 officially released to the public!

4-20-00 -
EMR Infinity is now available to the MMMG for download.

4-2-00 -
Work is underway to create a version of
EMR based on the Aleph One engine!

2-26-00 -
Screen shots have now been posted on the
EMR Infinity pages at the Bighouse.

2-5-00 - The first Final Candidate for
EMR Infinity finally released to the beta testers.

1-12-00 - The winners of the
EMR map making contest have been announced!

1-12-00 - There are 4 new pictures up in the member section of the MMMG gallery (Eric, David, Mike and David).

1-8-00 - Escape!!, Lh'owon, and Some More Lh'owon added to the Projects and Downloads page.

12-16-99 - EMR and Devil in a Blue Dress are now featured at the BigHouse!

12-13-99 - The deadline for having EMR contest maps completed and turned in has been set for 12/21/99. Contest judging begins on 12/22.

12-6-99 - EMR Infinity has undergone final beta testing of the Net Maps. Judges and testers for the EMR map making contest have been selected.

12-1-99 - The deadline for entering the EMR map making contest has expired. See Contest page for more information.

11-27-99 - The tools pages have been heavily updated, including adding all the previously missing downloads for M1, M2 and Infinity tools.

11-27-99 - The MMMG web site gets a minor face lift (including the new burning logo).

9-20-99 - New Instructions home page for the EMR for Infinity Map Making Contest.

9-6-99 - The MMMG announces the EMR for Infinity Map Making Contest.

9-6-99 - After being down for weeks, the MMMG is back up on a new server. Please visit our new sponsor!

7-11-99 - The MMMG Links page is now up and operational. Also added Hastur's Workshop to the Tools Page, and updated the Contacts page.

7-10-99 - Featured on the Tools Page, The Elements of Map Making is now viewable on the web.

5-6-99 - The MMMG has officially moved from to Check out the new subscriptions page.

4-11-99 - Tools page updated (links added by Claude to previously unlinked tools) Candace added to the Members gallery.

4-10-99 - New tools page makes its debut! Beta tester Alex added to the Members gallery.

4-8-99 - The MMMG comes into their own! We're now at Claude Errera and Jim Bisset added to the Members gallery, and the Miscellaneous gallery opens up.

3-5-99 - The EMR collection has been added to the Gallery. A new member added to the Members collection.

2-14-99 - Happy Valentine's Day! The Gallery is now operational (a work in progress).

1-31-99 - The Projects page is fully operational again (all links active).

1-30-99 - This What's New? page is now fully operational again. The Downloads page has also been refurbished, and all download links should now be working!

1-19-99 - The MMMG Home Page returns.  Pages currently in full operation are About Us and Join Us.

1-12-99 - The MMMG web site is partially restored under the new web site replacing (Bill Catambay takes over job as webmaster).

12-25-98 - The site goes down, bringing the MMMG site down with it.

9-14-98 - Minor facelift, and more useful information for subscribing to the MMMG mailing list.

6-22-98 - Hey, took just less than a year to update this page! I, Sean Rea have taken the job of redesigning the MMMG pages, as you've seen.

6-30-97 - Added another solo project to the projects page. "An AI Called Wanda".

6-25-97 - If you own the Trilogy box set, you'll want to visit this page.

6-24-97 - The 1.4 patch is now available for downloading. It will patch any previous version of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge to version 1.4.

6-21-97 - Version 1.4 of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge has been released! You can download the full scenario here. The patch for previous versions should be ready soon.

6-15-97 - Happy Father's Day to all you dads! Found time today to add a new member's project to the projects page.

5-6-97 - Updated the Projects page. Added a Members' Projects page. Updated main page. Uploaded v 2.2 of DIABD and updated the downloads page to match the changes.

4-16-97 - IMPORTANT NEWS -- The listserver that the MMMG mailing list was on had some problems that caused it to drop many of the subscribers. If you haven't been receiving any posts and haven't received a note welcoming you to the new list, please subscribe to the new list. We're sorry for any undue stress, loss of sanity, etc. that this problem may have caused you.

4-7-97 - Sorry it's been so long since an update. I was away this weekend helping a fellow MMMG'er move to the area. (And playing some net games...)

4-3-97 - Version 1.3 of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge released. Go to the Morgana Home page to get an updater from version 1.x to 1.3

3-29-97 - Fixed various grammatical errors and modified some of the text on a lot of pages.

3-29-97 - Version 1.2 of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge has been released! Go to the Downloads page to get it.

3-29-97 - New MMMG web pages are up! It took a little bit longer than I had expected, mainly because I wasn't getting home from work until 1:00 am for a few nights. Please send any comments you have about them. (Contact info at the bottom of the page.)

3-28-97 - 1.1 is finished is finished and released. A new version that stomps another bug will be done sometime this weekend.

3-26-97 - The bugs we found last weekend proved to be more time consuming to fix than we had anticipated. The new version should be done by the end of the week.

3-24-97 - Bill's back and is working on fixing the bugs we've found in his absence.

3-22-97 - Bugs found in Version 1.0 of EMR. I asked people to be patient and wait until beginning of next week for new version.

3-21-97 - Work on new MMMG web pages begins.

3-20-97 - Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge 1.0 released!

12-2-96 - Devil in a Blue Dress for M2 released!

11-10-95 - Devil in a Blue Dress for M1 released!

6-1-95 - The MMMG is formed by Bill Catambay.

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