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If we were to attempt to list all Marathon links possible, this page would become a redundancy of work and impossible to keep up-to-date. Instead, what you will find here are a collection of MMMG-specific links, and a collection of Top Level Marathon pages (the main web sites which maintain countless Marathon links).

Note: If you have any links that you would like to add to the MMMG collection, visit the Contact Information page and let the webmaster know what links to add.

Last Update: 10-16-00

Marathon Map Makers Guild Links

Web Page Maintained by Description
Lua Scripting Guide Bill Catambay A scripting guide to help use Lua to customize EMR under AlephOne.
The Elements of Map-Making Style Jason Parsons A document on the art of making Marathon maps.
Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge Bill Catambay Home page for the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge scenario.
Devil in a Blue Dress FAQ Claude Errera Frequently asked questions about the MMMG scenario Devil in a Blue Dress.
Forma Jason Parsons Jason's Portfolio page.
Shebob Texture Factory Candace Sheriff A site filled with various textures which can be used for your own scenarios (ask Candace for permission first).
Bisset's GM4 Page James Bisset The maestro behind the music of EMR, Jim created this page to illustrate his music talent (includes a musical slide show for EMR).

Top Level Marathon Pages

Web Page Maintained by Description
The Big House Claude Errera Houses all the major total conversion scenarios for all flavors of Marathon.
Chisel World Mike Trinder A great Marathon Map Making tool for enhancing maps.
PAGE 2401 Hamish Sinclair "The Most Comprehensive List of Marathon Links in the Sol System."
Marathon Central Simon Brownlee Links to Marathon pages housed at Marathon Central and around the world.
Archives at Bungie.Org Claude Errera Everything you ever wanted that had to do with Marathon!
Chill's Marathon Page John Craig Page with Marathon and Marathon 2 links.
CCN's Marathon Page Christopher Niederauer A Marathon, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity links site.
Marathon Essentials Thomas Kluyskens Primarily a page of links to programs, maps, spoilers, etc..
Marathon@ABC-XYZ.COM Nathaniel Krell Small but very nice looking links page.
Serpentor's Lair Jon Krell Another nice looking links page.
Marathon Addicts Power Station Chris Brincefield A series links to maps and files on the web, principally the Info-Mac Marathon Archives.
Charle's Marathon Page Charles Lechasseur Several Marathon map making utilities, including the sound editor Wail.
Marathon Hyperarchive Northwest Simon Brownlee Another place to find Marathon maps and utilities.
EMR Map Making Contest Winners MMMG An archive of the winning maps from the MMMG's EMR Map making Contest.
Hastur's Workshop MMMG This is a must for learning how to add cool new features to your home-grown maps.

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