Take Control of Apple TV

Posted: 19-October-2017

Mac Guild Grade Publisher: Take Control Books


Reviewer: John Gebhardt $10

Take Control of Apple TV

By Josh Centers
2014 eBook, 197 pages
Publisher: Take Control
ISBN: 978-1-61542-430-6
US $10

What the Book is About

This book is all about understanding the Apple TV. Is is about how it works, what it does, how to set it up, how to use and, most importantly, how to get most out of it. Some of the chapter titles:

  • Discover What's on Offer
  • Master AirPlay
  • Apple TV at the Movies
  • Rock Out with Apple TV
  • View Photos & Home Movies
  • Present with Apple TV
  • Play Games on Apple TV
  • Do More with Apple TV

Target Audience

Apple TV owners or users or those are considering getting an Apple TV.

What to Expect

The book provides in-depth information about all aspects of the Apple TV in a clear, well organized format. It covers everything from basic setup and operation to extending the Apple TV for control of your entire media library. The book cover functionality up to iOS7 and include free access to later revisions of the book on the publishers website.


As an owner of an Apple TV for about a year I was fairly familiar with it's operation but knew that there was probably more that I cloud learn. Take Control of Apple TV was just what I needed. The book begins by covering the the basic setup of the device and then moves to methods of controlling it. In addition to some useful hints about using the elegant little remote that comes with the box, the book includes valuable information about using you iPhone or iPad as remotes and how to use third party infrared remotes as well. One of capabilities that I had been curious about was compatibility with Bluetooth keyboards because as with manyTV control devices entering any amount of text, for search terms as an example, using the on-screen "keyboard" gets old very quickly. Complete instruction on pairing a Bluetooth and using a Mac computer keyboard are both provided.

Apple TV comes with a number of built-in apps that provide direct access to a number of external media sources such as iTunes Radio, Netflix, ESPN, the Weather Channel, the Smithsonian Channel, YouTube and others. The book provide s very good synopses of what the app or channel offers including cost information for the subscription sources.

AirPlay is another topic covered in the book that is useful to anyone with other Apple iOS, OS X devices or AirPlay compatible devices like wireless speakers.

Of great interest to anyone that has collection of DVDâ•˙s that they would like to ╲transform╡ for access from the Apple TV is the section on ╲Apple TV at the Movies╡. Very complete instructions are given on how to rip your DVDâ•˙s and BluRay discs and convert and compress them for easy access and playback. Specific software solution and hardware recommendations are provided for performing these conversion tasks.

For those users that feel the Apple TV it still to confining in terms of access to either home media or internet media sources the chapter on ╲Do More with Apple TV╡ goes into great depth on the Plex freemium media player and management system. Though this information is definitely for the minority of Apple TV users those of us that are always trying to get a bit more out of off the shelf software and hardware will derive great enjoyment from experimenting with Plex.

Other interesting topics

Since it is an e-book Take Control of Apple TV provides the capability of including hyperlinks. This capability is very well utilized to provide the read direct access to numerous references for additional information, software downloads, hardware sources and other interesting connections.

Mac Guild Grade

A (Outstanding)

The book probably deserves an A+ Awesome, but I hesitate to be overenthusiastic, possibly because Elements 8 is so complex, and I know it will take a long time before I feel like an expert. But this book will help me get there.


  • Well written and easy to read
  • Really useful information
  • The appropriate mix of simple instruction and techospeak
  • Free On-line updates


  • None that come to mind

Final Words

If you have an Apple TV you can use this book. It answered many of the questions that I had thought about since getting my Apple TV but did not want to spend the time to research the answer on Apple Support or elsewhere on the web. The information in the book really can help increase the value and enjoyment of the Apple TV to any owner.