Books & Video
Title Review Date Publisher Grade
Photoshop Elements 8 For Mac The Missing Manual (O'Reilly) 23-June-2012 O'Reilly A
Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop Elements 8 (Wiley) 23-June-2012 Wiley A
Photoshop Elements 8 For Dummies (Wiley) 23-June-2012 Wiley B
iPhoto '09 for Dummies (Wiley) 23-June-2012 Wiley A
iPod Repair QuickSteps 21-Feb-2008 McGraw-Hill B
How to Do Everything with Your iPhone 20-Feb-2008 McGraw-Hill B+
Upgrading to Mac OS 10.4 Tiger 21-Oct-2006 PeachPit Press C
Mac OS X System Administration Reference 14-Sep-2006 PeachPit Press A+
Applescript: Comprehensive Guide... 30-Jul-2006 Apress A
iLife 06 (Apple Training Series) 20-Jul-2006 PeachPit Press B
Getting Started With Camera Raw 9-Apr-2006 PeachPit Press A
Podcast Solutions: Complete Guide to Podcasting 27-Feb-2006 Apress B+
Micro-ISV From Vision to Reality 24-Feb-2006 Apress A
Foundation - Mac OS X Web Development 24-Feb-2006 Apress A
Discover Your Mac: Spotlight Training CD (Review #2) 7-Jan-2006 Pantheon Design A
Discover Your Mac: Spotlight Training CD (Review #1) 7-Jan-2006 Pantheon Design A
Mac OS X: The Missing Manual (Tiger) 1-Nov-2005 O'Reilly A+
Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed 7-Oct-2005 Sams A
Take Control of Customizing Tiger 1.0.1 30-Sep-2005 TidBITS B
Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger 1.0.1 27-Sep-2005 TidBITS B+
OpenVMS with Apach, OSU and WASD 29-Jul-2005 Elsevier B+
Python Cookbook 23-Jul-2005 O'Reilly B+
Garageband 2: Visual Quickstart Guide 8-Jul-2005 PeachPit Press A
Eclipse 17-Jun-2005 O'Reilly B+
Mac OS X Server 10.3 Panther: Visual QuickPro Guide 4-Mar-2005 PeachPit Press A
Take Control of Mac OS X Backups 1.1 15-Feb-2005 TidBITS A
Mac OS X Panther Unleashed 1-Feb-2005 Sams A
Build Your Own Smart Home 30-Jan-2005 McGraw-Hill/Osborne B
Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera 25-Jan-2005 TidBITS B
Power Excel and Word 19-Dec-2004 Sybex C+
Logic 6 Apple Pro Training Series 9-Nov-2004 PeachPit Press B+
Photoshop Productivity Toolkit 8-Nov-2004 Sybex C+
How To Do Everything with Mac OS X Panther 20-Oct-2004 McGraw-Hill/Osborne A
Take Control of Your Airport Network 22-Sep-2004 TidBITS B+
Photoshop CS: Classroom in a Book 21-Sep-2004 PeachPit Press A
Garageband: The Missing Manual 30-Aug-2004 O'Reilly A+
Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail 15-Jul-2004 TidBits A
iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual 13-Jul-2004 O'Reilly A+
Mac OS X Panther Killer Tips 9-Apr-2004 PeachPit Press A
AppleScript The Definitive Guide 28-Jan-2004 O'Reilly A+
Mac OS X in a Nutshell (Jaguar Edition) 13-Jan-2004 O'Reilly A
iPod: The Missing Manual 30-Dec-2003 O'Reilly A
Mac Digital Photography 1-Dec-2003 Sybex B+
iMovie 3 & iDVD: The Missing Manual 10-Nov-2003 O'Reilly A+
Final Cut Pro 3: The Complete Reference 6-Oct-2003 McGraw-Hill/Osborne A
Using CSH & TCSH 4-Oct-2003 O'Reilly B
Shooting Digital (Pro Tips) 4-Oct-2003 Sybex A
Mac OS X for Java Geeks 4-Oct-2003 O'Reilly B+
Mac OS X Power Tools 29-Sep-2003 Sybex A+
Mac OS X Disaster Relief 25-Jul-2003 PeachPit Press B
iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual 25-Jul-2003 O'Reilly A
The Mac is Not a Typewriter, 2nd Edition 25-Jul-2003 PeachPit Press B+
Mac OS X Hints, Jaguar Edition 25-Jul-2003 O'Reilly A
AppleScript in a Nutshell 30-Jun-2003 O'Reilly B+
Mac OS X Hacks 13-Jun-2003 O'Reilly A
Secrets of the iPod - 2nd Edition 13-Jun-2003 PeachPit Press C+
Mac OS Jaguar: The Complete Reference 27-Apr-2003 McGraw-Hill/Osborne B+
The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book: Jaguar Edition 27-Apr-2003 PeachPit Press A
Unix Power Tools: 3rd Edition 17-Apr-2003 O'Reilly A
Office X for Mac: The Missing Manual 4-Apr-2003 O'Reilly A
Dreamweaver MX: The Missing Manual 4-Apr-2003 O'Reilly A
Learning the UNIX Operating System 26-Feb-2003 O'Reilly B
Mac OS X for Unix Geeks 4-Feb-2003 O'Reilly B+
Unix for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide 3-Feb-2003 PeachPit Press A+
Mac OS Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide 29-Jan-2003 PeachPit Press A
Mac OS X: The Missing Manual 14-Dec-2002 O'Reilly A
Learning Unix for Mac OS X 14-Dec-2002 O'Reilly B