Mac Guild Scripts

WARNING: These Applescripts are provided only as a means to learn more about scripting with Applescript. They are basically provided here for you to examine the code. Some of these scripts may do things you don't want them to do, so run them at your own risk.

  1. Delete Empty Folders

    This Applescript deletes all of the empty folders in a directory.

  2. Visibility

    This Applescript lets you alter the visibility setting for a file or folder.

  3. Printer Tool

    This Applescript is a printer tool for Mac OS X.

  4. List folder

    This Applescript prompts for a folder, and writes the folder listing to a text file.

  5. Clean HTML

    This Applescript attempts to convert non-printable characters to HTML tags for a given HTML file.

  6. Clean Cache

    This Applescript attempts to clean your browser cache.

NOTE: Many scripts are provided by Joe Szedula and can be found on his website.