Mailing List Post Archives

Prior to the Mac Guild Forums, discussions by the Mac Guild were done via a mailing list. Some of those mailing list archives have been preserved for those interested in reviewing past discussions.

The Mac Guild mailing list started in 1996 on a Lockheed Martin Mac server using Autoshare listserver software. No archives were retained during that time.

In 1999, the mailing list migrated to a public mailing list, running on my personal Mac Mini server and using the Autoshare listserver software. Archives on this server were retained until 2010. They are no longer available.

In 2014, discussions were taken off of the mailing list and moved to an online forum. Mailing list archives from 2009 to 2014 are available at You will need your individual mailing list password to access these archives. All Mac Guild subscribers have their own mailing list password (not to be confused with your Mac Guild forum ID and password).

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