Mac Guild Membership Upgrade / Donations

The point system is intended to encourage participation in Mac Guild activities, but we understand that not everyone has the time or desire to participate. You can earn your points by purchasing them with contributions to the Mac Guild. All contributions are greatly appreciated, and go a long ways to keep the Mac Guild alive. You can purchase points online using PayPal.

The "Pay Now" button below defaults to a Silver level membership, which is $12. Use the "Membership Tier" drop-down menu to select a different membership tier.

  • Silver membership is one tier ($12)
  • Gold membership is two tiers ($24)
  • Platinum membership is three tiers ($36)
Membership Tier

If you would like to purchase an odd number of points, use the "Donate" button below, and enter a specific amount. The number of points you receive will equate to the dollar amount you enter.

You can also send a check or money order (as well as item donations) to the address below:

Bill Catambay
C/O The Macintosh Guild
P.O. Box 2773
Santa Clara, CA 95051-2773

NOTE: Make checks out to "Bill Catambay".