Mac Guild Membership Information

The Macintosh Guild is an Apple User Group, and is open to anyone in the US who is interested in Apple products (such as a Macintosh, iPod, or iPhone). Basic membership to the Mac Guild is free, with higher levels of membership that can be earned or purchased. All levels of membership receive announcements from the Mac Guild Mailing List and access to the Mac Guild Forums.

The mailing list allows you to receive important information related to the Mac Guild, such as changes to membership requirements, Apple and 3rd party specials and discounts, raffles, forum announcements, and more. The forum provides a place for Mac users to share Apple related information, get Mac-related help, and engage in Mac-centric discussions. Even if you never post to the forums, some great technical information is often exchanged which you may find useful.

The primary goal of our membership drive is to get people to participate. If you participate, you can achieve any level without ever paying a cent. Minimum participation required is to fill out a poll when they are announced to the mailing list, and/or completing a forum profile. You can advance your membership by submitting articles and/or writing a review (reviews are accepted for software, hardware, books and services).

For those looking to upgrade their membership, but don't have the time to earn points through participation, donations are always welcome, and benefit the entire group by helping with website costs and shipping supplies (for raffle prizes).

Membership in the Guild is tiered into four levels:

Medallion Status Benefits

Platinum members are members of Champion status, and have earned 36 points or more. They automatically qualify for all raffles and contests, receive a free email alias, receive free support via our forums, and they get their original forum posts mirrored to the mailing list.

Gold members are members of Knight status, and have earned from 24 to 35 points. They automatically qualify for most raffles and contests, receive free support via our forums, and receive a free email alias.

Silver members are members of Squire status, and have earned from 12 to 23 points. They automatically qualify for most raffles and contests, and receive free support via our forums.

Bronze members are members of Commoner status taking advantage of our FREE membership plan (requires a minium of 2 points which can be earned by taking a poll or forum activity). They qualify for some contests and raffles, and receive free support via our forums.