Mac Guild Events

The Mac Guild has conducted a number of online events, as well as particpating in a number of local events. Below is a table of Mac Guild events. Furthers details about the more involved events can be found in the navigation sub-links on the left.

Event When Where Description
Macworld Yearly San Francisco, CA Every year, Mac Guild members receive special discounts to Macworld San Francisco, and we try to meet when possible. Two Mac Guild members receive invitations to the Adobe breakfast which is held annually at the Macworld conference. Sometimes we have members volunteering for the Apple User Group booth as well.
Castillo Tremors 2006 Online This contest reflects the after-shocks of MacSurvivor: Castillo. Open to all Mac Guild members, the contest was held using online chat to test each contestant about the Castillo contest.
MacSurvivor: Castillo 2004 - 2006 Online This was the most epic contest in Mac Guild history. Starting with 14 players, this contest spanned 1 1/2 years, as each contestant fought for the final position of sole survivor. Like MacSurvivor: Avalon, contestants had challenge after challenge, and castaways were voted off one by one. However, Castillo was more like Avalon on steroids.
Elite Minds 2006 Online Originating as a MacSurvivor challenge, the Elite Minds challenge was opened up to the entire Mac Guild membership. This challenged consisted of 40 questions, provided in random order, on subjects ranging from Mac technical trivia, to Mac Guild reviews, to MacSurvivor trivia.
Banner Contest 2003 Online This contest was setup to get new Mac Guild designs for the official Mac Guild banner.
MacMole 2002 Online MacMole was the 2nd epic contest conducted by the Mac Guild. We started with 10 contestants, one of which is the designated MacMole. The Mole knew who he was, but the other contestants did not. As each level of the contest progressed, challenges were taken on, and a quiz took place. The one with the lowest score on each quiz was eliminated, until there were only three left: two finalists, and the MacMole. More fun, more great prizes!
MacSurvivor 2001 Online MacSurvivor was our first epic contest, in that the contest lasted several months. Starting with 10 contestants broken into two teams of 5, one by one contestants were voted off of Avalon Island until just one survivor was left. Lots of fun, and lots of great prizes.
Battle Macintosh 2000 Online Battle Macintosh is basically an essay contest. Given a series of questions, such as "Why do you prefer the Macintosh platform over Windows?", members were asked to give their views. Entries were compiled and presented to the Mac Guild membership for a vote.
User Group Meetings Monthly Sunnyvale, CA Mac Guild members who are local to Sunnyvale, CA, may take part in monthly User Group meetings.
Raffles On-Going Online On-going raffles are held for a wide variety of prizes. Entries are based upon membership level.