Mac Guild Raffles - The Rules

To enter a Mac Guild raffle, you must be a member of the Mac Guild User Group with a membership account ID and password. All entrants have a certain number of tickets based upon your membership level. Your odds of winning are better the higher your level. Most raffles have a miniumum requirement of Silver membership, and sometimes Gold or Platinum. On rare occasions, we will open a raffle to all members regardless of their membership level.

You may enter as many raffles as you wish until you are a selected winner. Once you win a raffle, you may not enter any further raffles until the following year. There are some exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions will be noted prior to the raffle.

Increase your chances of winning by elevating your membership level. The average raffle entry structure is as follows:

  • Bronze members (open to all members) = 1 ticket per raffle
  • Silver members (12 point min) = 5 tickets per raffle
  • Gold members (24 point min) = 10 tickets per raffle
  • Platinum members (36 point min) = 15 tickets per raffle

NOTE: The requirements, rules, and/or methods of doing the raffles may change at any time during the year.

All raffles are conducted on the web (membership logon required). Each raffle drawing will be conducted either by the Mac Guild president, the winner of a previous raffle, or a designated Mac Guild official. Prior to the final drawing selection, all members may logon to the Raffle page and make test picks. The Raffle page also lists all the entrants, their number of tickets, and their chance of winning the current raffle. The raffle drawing page also allows you to view past raffles.

Click here to logon to the Raffle page.