Epic Games We Played

Here is a summary of the epic Mac Guild contests we played over the years.

NOTE: There have been plenty of smaller contests that may not be listed below; the ones below are the ones that lasted from a few weeks to a few months (or even over a year in a couple of cases).

Battle Macintosh was an essay contest where all Mac Guild members were welcome to answer a series of questions. The responses were then anonymously presented to our membership and voted on.

MacSurvivor was our first epic contest, in that the contest lasted several months. Starting with 10 contestants broken into two teams of 5, one by one contestants were voted off of Avalon Island until just one survivor was left. Lots of fun, and lots of great prizes.

MacMole is the 2nd epic contest conducted by the Mac Guild. We started with 10 contestants, one of which is the designated MacMole. The Mole knew who he was, but the other contestants did not. As each level of the contest progressed, challenges were taken on, and a quiz took place. The one with the lowest score on each quiz was eliminated, until there were only three left: two finalists, and the MacMole. More fun, more great prizes!

This contest was setup to get new Mac Guild designs for the official Mac Guild banner. After 5 designs were submitted, 3 were selected as finalists. The designs were implemented into graphic images, and voted on by the Mac Guild membership. The winning design is now prominently displayed on the Mac Guild's home page.

This contest originated as a MacSurvivor challenge, and then opened up to the entire Mac Guild membership. This challenged consisted of 40 questions, provided in random order, on subjects ranging from Mac technical trivia, to Mac Guild reviews, to MacSurvivor trivia. Each contestant received 5 points for each correct answer and -1 point for each incorrect answer. You only qualified for a prize if you answered all 40 questions. Questions are also timed, and in the event of a tie, the one with the best time wins.

This was the most epic contest in Mac Guild history. Starting with 14 players, this contest spanned 1 1/2 years, as each contestant fought for the final position of sole survivor. Like MacSurvivor: Avalon, contestants had challenge after challenge, and castaways were voted off one by one. However, Castillo was more like Avalon on steroids.