Mac Guild Contests

The Mac Guild conducts membership contests during the course of the year that allows members to win cool Mac prizes. Many contests have already been held, and several prizes awarded. Browse this area to review the contests and visit with the contestants as they share their sentiments. Take a look at all the great prizes already given away. Hopefully these pages will encourage more of you to participate in future contests.

The latest contest is Battle Macintosh 2010.

In addition to the games and contests, the Mac Guild also conducts several on-line raffles with more cool gifts.

Of course, what would our contests be without our terrific sponsors? Many of the great prizes and gifts that the Mac Guild has awarded over the years have been donated by various vendors, so please take a moment to visit our sponsors.

MacSurvivor 2001
"I never expected to be one of the final survivors, though I have to admit I hoped it would be so! I kept reminding myself that 'It's just a game!', but in reality, we all tested our ingenuity, technical talents, integrity, honesty and perseverance throughout these months, and (hopefully) had great fun doing it. I know I did." - Moe Bradley

MacMole 2002
"Prior to my involvement in the Mac Mole contest, I thought of the Mac Guild as just a mailing list -- a really good mailing list where you can get just about any question about the Mac answered. Now I think of the Guild as a full-fledged user's group; a community of people united by their love of the Macintosh computer." - Jim Melton

MacSurvivor: Castillo
"We've come a long way together. We started out as names on email postings and now many of us are friends. We started out as two tribes then had to team with our former enemies and battle our former team-mates. Through all of this your company and friendship, your achievements and your appreciation for my achievements have been my best rewards." - Diane Love

"Without question this has been the most concentrated involvement in Mac related activities in my experience. [...] I have been exposed to a group of exceptional Mac users in the course of Survivor Castillo and have learned a great deal as well. I think that anyone who had the fortitude to engage in this contest is to be commended. And all those who survived to theses final rounds must be recognized in our community as true Macintosh believers." - John Gebhardt