Another three years

It’s been another three years! Time flies when you have kids (or is it when you are getting old?).

The Mac Guild was moved from a mailing list to a forum, but then after a couple of years, the forum was removed (due to lack of usage). Remind me never to use freeforums.org again! You can always contact me via email. In the meantime, I’ll continue to try and get caught up on the website, and hopefully establish a new forum or mailing list in the near future.

Three Year Zap

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since I’ve updated this blog! Between family and work, I’ve not had the free time that I once had, and I miss setting up contests and staying more connected with the group. The mailing list is still going strong, although not the traffic that we once had. The Mac Guild is still a great resource for asking questions now and then, so don’t be afraid to use it.

I am slowly trickling in old reviews, and one of these days, I’m gonna get caught up! Check out our latest review on the EyeTV Hybrid.

Membership drive

There have been so many new membership requests this year, the time to process them all has pretty much taken up all my Mac Guild time. Therefore, I made the decision to pull the Mac Guild link off of the Apple specials page for Lockheed Martin.

New member welcome

The Mac Guild wishes to welcome new members:
  • Angel A. Moncada
  • Chance Hudson
  • Craig Talley
  • Daryl Avery
  • David Arenson
  • David Blastic
  • Dewayne Buller
  • Dorothy Burns
  • Ed Solarz
  • Erica R Siirila
  • Gemma Easterling
  • Jadon Groothuis
  • Jay Clark
  • Jonathan Kim
  • Lindsey Kircher
  • Michael Goldmann
  • Ryan Wood
  • Samuel B. Gatson Jr.
  • Stephanie Boyden
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Steve Bailey
  • William Michaels
  • David Linder
  • Lance Rahn
  • Sean Tierney
  • Betty Bender
  • Jesse Highsmith
  • Sherrie Branigan
  • Scott Perkins
  • Randy Schum
  • Clark Hart
  • Kevin Do
  • George Hornung
  • Candice Buckner
  • Jonathan Chang
  • Tom Gray
  • Curtis Flanigan
  • Desiree Gordy
  • Patrick Bossio
  • Richard Goldring
  • William Maynard
  • Scott McKee
  • Kathy Isley
  • Christopher Yatrakis
  • Roger Gabin
  • George Kaszynski
  • Mike Hoffa
  • Dennis Hrehor

New member welcome

The Mac Guild wishes to welcome new members:
  • Phyllis Gunderson
  • Nikiah Dawson
  • Scott Wolter
  • Frances Taylor
  • Thomas O'Connor
  • Michael Ross
  • Barbara M Williams
  • James Miller
  • Mark Terakedis
  • Mariangela Green
  • Jeremie Lott
  • Jeffrey Stokes
  • Kevin Mulhall
  • Ed Nipper
  • Michael Mendoza
  • Jarred Miller
  • Richard Margason
  • Kevin Marshall
  • Meredith Bocek
  • Sheldon Townsend
  • Christine Rejdovjan
  • John Couturier
  • Phillips Peter
  • George Meier

The New Mac Guild Site - Go Live

The new Mac Guild website quietly went live today. I'll make a more formal announcement in 2010 after the New Year. There will be a follow-on point earning task to help ensure the website is working well.

New member welcome

The Mac Guild wishes to welcome new members:
  • Robin Dhillon
  • Carlos Cardona
  • Peg Green
  • Gary Reeves
  • Lee Mendoza
  • Jeffrey James DeLong
  • Jason Richmond

Battle Macintosh 2009

The Battle Macintosh 2009 contest has begun! On a similar note, I have made some decent progress into the design of the new Mac Guild contest pages. It's a lot of work, and I keep hearing these voices in the back of my head:

"Are we there yet?"
"Pull over, I'm getting sick."

Mailing List section complete

The main Mailing List page and it's siblings are now complete.

Membership navigation complete

Finished the Membership pages, including the Benefits Detail page, and 4 form pages for Sign Up, Upgrade (PayPal), POP account, and Deactivate (Unsubscribe). Yay! On to the mailing list pages....

Disbursing information to the mailing list

If you cannot get people to come to the mountain, bring the mountain to the people! I have started an email campaign today to disseminate the information I am putting together on the new Mac Guild web site to the Mac Guild mailing list. This will help members understand what the Mac Guild is all about, and hopefully warrant some feedback. We'll see how it goes.

CSS and Rapidweaver learning curve

I am using Rapidweaver to start the refurbishing of the Mac Guild web site. First I created a unique RW theme for the Mac Guild, and I have been enhancing it constantly over the last few days. I'm learning an incredible amount of new stuff related to CSS (as well as figuring out a few work-arounds implementing some customizations that RW doesn't seem to incorporate in its toolbox). When I start trying to pull over all the old articles and reviews, that's when things are going to get really hairy. I may end up using a combination of RW along with a stand-alone site for reviews, but without frames (which are going bye-bye altogether), I'll have to figure out a way to get navigation working without having to edit every single review. At this point, I'm not sure that will be possible.

Migration begins

I've begun the arduous task of migrating the entire Mac Guild website to a new CSS structure. With over 10 years of material, I have to ask, "Am I nuts?"