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Featured here are the articles contributed by Mac Guild members in 2002 and 2003. Click on the links below to read the full articles.

December Newsletter

It's that time of the year again! From Panther to VPN, the December Mac Guild Newsletter covers some of the more interesting articles and reviews shared with the Guild over the past months.

View the December 2003 Mac Guild Newsletter (12-7-03)

G5 Supercomputing Cluster

Long time Guild member Larry Peng attended this year's O'Reilly OS X conference, and afterwards attended a presentation by Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan on the Virginia Tech G5 Supercomputing Cluster. Also known as the Terascale Cluster, this monster computer combines the power of 1,100 Apple G5 computers to build the world's 3rd fastest computer on the planet.

G5 Supercomputing Cluster (11-7-03)

Panther Party

Just to show you that the Mac Guild members do get out, Bob Kenyon has written up his experience of visiting the Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara to witness the worldwide release of Panther, Mac OS 10.3. Turns out that both Bob and Bill (Mac Guild president) were in the same line, but never saw each other. It was that crowded! Read all about Bob's experience, or just go buy Panther on-line.

Bob's Panther Party Experience (10-28-03)

Mac OS X Scrolling Tips

Do we take anything more for granted than scrolling in a window that's too small to show its entire contents? Well, breathing probably outranks scrolling, but most of us don't spend much time thinking about how we scroll. Read these tips by Adam Engst to learn how to go beyond the basics of the scroll bar and obvious navigation keys like the arrows, Home and End, and Page Up and Page Down. And all this comes without spending a dime on a scroll wheel-enabled mouse, helpful though such a critter might be.

Read the article on Mac OS X Scrolling Tips (8-15-03)

WWDC 2003 Conference

Our ever faithful Larry Peng, long-time Guild member, once again attended this year's World Wide Developer's Conference and provided an excellent write-up of his trip. In his trip report, he talks about Steve Job's keynote, Panther, G5's, OS X Server, and much more. Read the trip report on the web or download the PDF version.

Read the full WWDC 2003 Trip Report (8-8-03)

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference

Registration is open for the Second Annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference. Do you want to tame Panther quickly, or live Apple's iLife to the fullest? If so, the second annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference can take you where you want to go with Apple's newest software and hardware. One day of in-depth tutorials and three days of conference sessions cover topics like network security, Cocoa, Java, Rendezvous, Quartz, AirPort Extreme, workflow management, Unix administration, and much more. Some of the many experts presenting at the conference include David Pogue, Adam Engst, mmalcolm Crawford, Dan Wood, Andy Ihnatko, Robb Beal, and Dan Frakes.

User Group members who register before September 12, 2003 get a double discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and receive 20% off the "Early Bird" price.

Register Now

O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
October 27-30, 2003
Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA (7-3-03)

Floppy RAID For Mac OS X

RAID technology has been discussed on the Guild's mailing list. Now get the chance to see it in action under Mac OS X using floppy disk drives! This article outlines the hardware and the steps required to create a RAID configuration under OS X using floppy disk drives. It may inspire you to build one of your own!

View the RAID Instructions (6-3-03)

May Newsletter

Spring is upon us, and the May Mac Guild Newsletter is now available! This newsletter features recent articles, as well as spotlight reviews done by the Macintosh Guild.

View the May 2003 Mac Guild Newsletter (5-15-03)

VPN 2.1 For Mac OS X

Netlock has released a VPN client for Mac OS X, and guild member David Leary is the first to write up his experience with this new VPN client upgrade.

Read the full article (3-14-03)

OS X Foibles

Many people have found after installing Microsoft Office V.x on their Macs that attempting to open an Office document (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file) by double-clicking the file while booted into OS 9 results in a failed opening of the OS X version of Office instead of the OS 9 version of the program. This is despite having a perfectly serviceable OS 9 compatible copy of Office installed on their Macintosh (Office 98 or Office 2001).

Don't despair, because the solution is presented in this article by Robert Zimmerman for all of you who have found yourself in that situation. The article describes the problem in detail, and provides a very easy-to-follow solution.

Read the full article (2-26-03)

MacWorld San Francisco 2003

The MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco in January has come and gone, and the Mac Guild was there! Check out a few of the pictures from the show.

Guild member Mike Lachance attended the off-site Keynote at the Argent, and had this to say: "I've now done both [Keynote live and Argent off-site] and can definitely say that the off-site was the better deal. I'm going to opt for off-site in future MacWorlds. The breakfast fare was outstanding - great food, wide variety, and plenty of it. I sat a table full of Apple guys, and we talked about our OS X migration issues. Also talked with the guy who helped Jobs write his keynote address. Excellent experience. The insights afterward were pretty good, too - they talked about how Apple has there networks set up and how System 10 has increased their productivity. They also had some interesting numbers regarding maintenance and upkeep vs Windoze solutions. We also arranged to have an entourage of Apple people come to talk to our IS&T guys. They were excited about the prospect, and no wonder. With the coming of XServe as a network solution, they can finally and honestly say they have an alternative method to handle networking."

View the MacWorld S.F. 2003 Pictures (2-15-03)

ATC Colloquia 2003

We have all heard about the insecurity of the Internet, how millions of attacks and probes happen every day around the world. In this talk we will explore the critical information that you, as a computer user, need to know about Mac OS security and other platforms, as well as home firewalls, anti-virus and more.

Read this article about Internet Security (1-23-03)

Membership Poll

Take the Mac Guild Membership Poll and earn 1 free credit good for Silver status for the month! The poll is designed to determine the demographics of our user group, and to determine how members prefer to earn credits.

Take the Membership Poll (1-15-03)

December Newsletter

It's that time of the year again! From WWDC to OS X, the December Mac Guild Newsletter covers some of the more interesting articles shared with the Guild over the past months.

View the December 2002 Mac Guild Newsletter (12-21-02)

Sherlock Plug-ins

If you are running OS 9, then you may have a hard time finding Sherlock Plug-ins on the web. For that reason, the Mac Guild has compiled a collection of Sherlock Plug-ins for Mac OS 9 right here.

Sherlock Plug-ins For Mac OS 9 (12-10-02)

MacMole Contest

The Mac Guild's 3rd Annual Guild contest was called "The MacMole". The rules were simply to survive until the end, and surviving meant participating in the challenges, knowing your Mac trivia, and figuring out which contestant was a secretly planted "mole" working for the Guild.

Check out the Winner, Prizes and Activities of the MacMole Contest (10-31-02)

Mac Journal-ism

In case you haven't got the memo, Journals are the hottest app to hit the desktop in well, a long time. So hot that Apple has chosen to recently feature MacJournal as an award winning piece of Journal software. This articles discusses these journal applications, and provides a short review of various offerings.

Journal-ism for the Macintosh (8-22-02)

Digital Photo Edge

Are you sitting back and watching other people get digital cameras while you still walk the fence? Have you been waiting until the quality gets better? Until the price comes down? If you are a Mac user in this category, then read this article! It provides a good Mac perspective on digital imaging, and provides some good information on getting on board with a digital camera, including a review of Apple's iPhoto. Even if you are already on board, this article provides some helpful hints for anyone interested in digital imaging.

The Digital Photo Edge: A Mac Perspective (6-7-02)

WWDC 2002

Long time Mac Guild member, Larry Peng, provides a very comprehensive overview of the goings on at this year's World Wide Developer's Conference in San Jose, CA. Due to an NDA that was required this year, this reported is limited, based mostly on the keynote and other public announcements. The report focuses mostly on Jaguar features.

World Wide Developer's Conference 2002 - Larry Peng Wrap-Up (5-23-02)

Mac Guild Newsletter

April showers bring the Mac Guild newsletter! From Mac VPN to User Group Specials, the May Mac Guild Newsletter covers some of the recent articles that have gone on in the Guild over the past few months. It also includes Mac Guild reviews of Macromedia Freehand 10.0, Adobe Premiere 6.0, and Leister Reunion 7.0.

Mac Guild Newsletter for May 2002 (5-15-02)

MacWorld San Francisco 2002

The MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco in January has come and gone, and the Mac Guild was there! Check out a few of the pictures from the show.

View the MacWorld S.F. 2002 Pictures (3-27-02)

I.R.I.S. User Group Specials

IRIS provides business products for the Macintosh, such as the IRISPen II scanner and Readiris Pro OCR software. They also support Apple User Groups via their User Group web page. This web page contains links to very special pricing IRIS is offering the User Group Community. Discounted prices are available for Readiris Pro, IRISPen II, Cardiris 2.5, IRIS Business Card Reader and IRIS Office Suite.

Visit the IRIS User Group Web Page (4-3-02)

Cassidy & Greene's User Group Specials

Grammarian X - $19.95
Grammarian X is Casady & Greene's popular universal grammar checker. It works with virtually every program on your computer, whether or not that program has its own grammar checker.

Time Slice - $19.95
Time Slice is an easy-to-use time-tracking and billing application for Macintosh and Windows users.

Captain Bumper - $19.95
Captain Bumper is an Action/Arcade game for ages 6-65 that will have you on the edge of your seat. All your tricks, reflexes, and courage will be needed to defeat the awful Zeurbella...

Glider Pro X - $14.95
Glider Pro is one of the all-time Mac favorites for people looking for great fun and hours of family entertainment, now for OS X.

Zone Warrior - $14.95
Zone Warrior II is a 3D space flight simulator in which you, the pilot, defend your space station from attack by blasting away incoming asteroids and enemy ships.

These prices are good until May 30, 2002.

Take Advantage of this Offer (2-27-02)

Mac VPN Client

At long last, VPN client support has come to Mac users at Lockheed Martin! Nortel has released a Mac VPN client from Netlock which allows Mac users to connect to Lockheed Martin's VPN server. The bad news is that Mac users must purchase the client themselves, as it is not covered under Lockheed Martin's license agreement with Nortel. The good news is that you can now utilize your high speed DSL or Cable Modem connection to connect to work, and access Lockheed Martin internal servers just as if you were at work. The Mac Guild is the official support center for Mac VPN users, and the pages here should provide you with all the information you need to get started. If you have any other questions, be sure to send an email to the Mac Guild mailing list.

The Mac Guild EVPN Support Site (1-9-02)

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