Mac Guild Article Archives: 2000 - 2001

Featured here are the articles contributed by Mac Guild members in 2000 and 2001. Click on the links below to read the full articles.

Mac Guild Newsletter

It's that time of the year again! From WWDC to OS X, the December Mac Guild Newsletter covers some of the more interesting discussion that have gone on in the Guild over the year. It also introduces the MacMole contest, and includes some Mac Guild reviews.

Mac Guild Newsletter for December 2001 (12-19-01)

OS X - Overview & Glossary

Did you ever want to know what TCP was, but were a fraid to ask? This article provides an answer to that in a useful glossary, as well as an excellent overview of the Mac OS X architecture. The overview section breaks OS X into four sections: Application Environments, Application Services, Core Services and Darwin. The glossary includes terms such as "Cocoa", "kernel", and "preemptive multitasking", providing clear and concise definitions.

Read the Article on OS X Overview and Glossary (6-22-01)

Mac Names

From the Macintosh SE (Maui) to the Quadra 660 (Tempest) to the PowerMac G3 (Gossamer), this table provides the various names of most of the Macintosh models throughout time.

Check out the list of Macintosh names through Apple's history (6-22-01)

WWDC 2001

Long time Mac Guild member, Larry Peng, provides a very comprehensive overview of the goings on at this year's World Wide Developer's Conference in San Jose, CA. The report is a combination of his notes, as well as links to more specific topical summaries posted by other people in the Apple developer community. Attendance is up 20-25 percent over the record attendance of last year, with the bulk of the increase from Unix and Java developers. The paper talks about OS X, Application Frameworks, Java, Networking, Development Tools, Security, Science Advisory Groups, and concludes with an overall summary of the conference.

World Wide Developer's Conference 2001 - Larry Peng Wrap-Up (6-8-01)

MacWorld - New York

All Mac Guild members can register for a FREE Exhibits Only pass for MacWorld New York! User Group members can enjoy an even better value if they select a Conference Package. Take 15% off by using the User Group Priority Code. That's a savings, up to $194, depending on the package selected, and available only to User Groups.

By registering using this code, Mac Guild members demonstrate themselves to be an important part of the Macintosh community. I encourage all of you to use this code, save money and come to the biggest, best Macintosh event on the East Coast. Please respect the fact that this code is for Apple-recognized user groups; do not post this offer on any public accessible forum.

Macworld Expo website: (5-4-01)

MacSurvivor - The Aftermath

The MacSurvivor contest was a grueling battle for survivor in a virtual island environment known as Avalon Island. To qualify for entry onto the island, each contestant was required to accumulate points based on Mac trivia contests sent out to the Mac Guild. The 10 highest scores were awarded spots on Avalon Island. The contest lasted for 3 months, requiring energy, stamina, Mac knowledge and patience from all the survivors. Not all of them would make it to the prize circle, and only one would make it to the end!

The Aftermath page was put together to provide a summary of the events that transpired during this three-month contest. It includes some good descriptions of some of the challenges, as well as several links to other Survivor related web pages. Read through the page, and the next time you meet one of these survivors, salute them for a job well done!

View the Avalon Island Survivor Contest Aftermath (2-22-01)

Mac Guild Reviews

Welcome to the Mac Guild User Group Review program! From software to hardware, from utilities to games, from freeware to commercial software, the Mac Guild shares their reviews of various Mac products with the public.

If you wish to participate in the review program, please contact the Mac Guild editor. We are always looking for new reviews to post.

Mac Guild Reviews (2-5-01)

User Group Specials

This page was setup to showcase all of the User Group specials made available to members of the Mac Guild. It contains limited-time specials (such as Chronos PIM) as well as specials that have no expiration (such as the MUG Store and Aladdin Store).

Mac Guild User Group Specials (1-26-01)

Mac Guild Newsletter

Just in time for Christmas! From Battle Macintosh to Mac Guild Specials, the December Mac Guild Newsletter covers some of the more interesting events which have gone on in the Guild over the year as well as some software reviews written by Mac Guild members.

Mac Guild Newsletter for December 2000 (12-11-00)

MacSurvivor - Start with 10, End with just One!

Welcome to the Survivor Contest on Avalon Island!

Mac Guild NEWS ALERT: The cruiseliner Tomahawk sinks somewhere in the Pacific. 10 people lost at sea in uncharted waters.
... somewhere in the Pacific ...

... and so began the adventures of 10 castaways from the Lockheed Martin Macintosh Guild (apparently taking a cruise across the Pacific where they had hoped to attend MacWorld Japan). The survivors used driftwood to make two rafts, each carrying 5 people. The rafts drifted to opposite sides of a mostly unknown island called Avalon.

On the north side of the island is the Macadamia Tribe, and on the west side of the island is the Pomorum Tribe. It's survival of the fittest in this heated MacSurvivor contest. The final survivor gets their pick from the island vault.

View the current island statistics (10-23-00)

Altamira Genuine Fractals 20% Discount

Special Limited-Time Offer for Members of the Lockheed Martin Macintosh Guild

Altamira Group's award-winning Genuine Fractals product line enables designers and photographers to create high-resolution images from low- to medium-resolution originals. For digital camera users, large-format output providers, printing and prepress professionals, and everyone in between, Altamira's Photoshop-compatible plug-ins provide imaging solutions that enhance workflow efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. LMMG members can click here to purchase the full version of Genuine Fractals 2.0 or PrintPro by fax or e-mail for a special 20% discount. Offer expires October 31, 2000.

Altamira PrintPro $299.00 -- with discount $239.00
Genuine Fractals $159.00 -- with discount $127.00

Take Advantage of this Offer (9-11-00)

Mists of Avalon Freeware & Shareware

Mists of Avalon software.

The Mists of Avalon server replaces Merlin Cavern and provides Hotline, FTP and HTTP access to loads of freeware and shareware software. Using Hotline, you can also chat with others, read announcements and post your comments to news bulletins. Log in with your LMMG account credentials and you can upload files as well.

To access Avalon from behind a firewall, you must use FTP or HTTP access. Once you are outside the firewall, however, you can access by any method.

Mists of Avalon Server (9-6-00)

Chronos L.C. 20% Discount!

Chronos L.C. is offering an exclusive offer to members of the Macintosh Guild! Through the end of September, members can take an additional 20% off the already low price for the award winning Personal Organizer. Personal Organizer is the Swiss Army Knife of productivity software. It's a calendar, address book, word processor, project manager, memo taker, telephone dialer, and alarm clock all rolled into one easy-to-use package.

Visit their website today, download Personal Organizer, and take advantage of a full working 30 day demo. After you see the robust features that are packed into this application, visit a special Chronos Purchase page to place your order and take advantage of this special limited time offer.

For additional information, contact the Chronos sales department at (9-1-00)

Battle Macintosh Contest - Winners Announced!

This is the Mac Guild's first "Get Involved" Contest, an effort to hear from the Mac Guild community, and to encourage involvement by all.

This contest, entitled "Battle Macintosh", is basically an essay contest. Given a series of questions, members were asked to give their views. Entries have been compiled and are now available for viewing.

The entries were great! Take some time to read them over if you haven't already. This page includes all the original entries, as well as the winning entries.

Battle Macintosh - Essay Contest Winners (7-25-00)

O'Reilly 20% Discount!

The Mac Guild Library now offers a 20% discount on all books and software offered by O'Reilly. This discount is only for members of the Macintosh Guild.

Mac Guild Library (7-6-00)

Avalon Hotline Server

The new Hotline server page provides downloads of the Hotline client, information about using Hotline, and a link to the Avalon Hotline server. The Avalon Hotline server contains lots of freeware and shareware applications. If you know of a good application missing on the server, use the submission form to notify us!

Hotline Server Information Page (6-8-00)

Mac Guild Book Library

The Mac Guild proudly presents the Mac Guild Library! We have a decent collection of books available to guild members. Check out the library and see if there is anything you would like. Make your book reservations on-line.

Mac Guild Book Library (6-6-00)

Mac Servers Secure Army Site

Here is an interesting article reported at MacCentral on how the Army is better secured on Mac servers than on Windows NT. The article is mirrored here with permission from the author.

Article, "Mac servers withstand hacker attack on Army site"

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