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Take Control of Apple TV

John Gebhardt writes a review of the Take Control eBook for Apple TV. He summarizes, "If you have an Apple TV you can use this book. It answered many of the questions that I had thought about since getting my Apple TV but did not want to spend the time to research the answer on Apple Support or elsewhere on the web. The information in the book really can help increase the value and enjoyment of the Apple TV to any owner."

Read the full review: Take Control of Apple TV (10-19-17)

Travel Keyboard 1st Order Solution

Harvey Chao discusses one option on how to get work done during travel: "This breaks down for travel/storage into 4 pieces: Phone, Kensington stalk, keyboard, and flat plastic base. They all fit easily into a brief case, laptop case, backpack or whatever. The iPhone clamp detaches from the end of the stalk to get more compact storage. The assembly sits nicely on the lap whether you are sitting on a bed propping yourself against the head board, or sitting in a chair or sitting in a car. "

Read the full article Travel Keyboard 1st Order Solution (10-6-16)

SilverFast Archive Suite 6.6

Robert French reviews SilverFast Archive Suite 6.6. He summarizes, "When I began this review, I was more than a little wary of all the settings and all the different ways a user could perform scanning and image optimization. I was pleasantly surprised how the documentation and helpful movies brought it all into perspective for me and how comfortable I became with the software. SilverFast Archive Suite is one impressive software package."

Read the full article: SilverFast Archive Suite 6.6 (7-16-14)

Apple Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse provides significant advances in mouse features without overwhelming the user with a plethora of buttons and without forcing the user to learn esoteric button combinations. My only negative observation is the Magic Mouse initiates scrolling with the slightest finger movement. The lower profile and general featurelessness of the Magic Mouse's case may take some getting used to, but the effective button areas give the user freedom of finger placement. The written documentation provided with the Magic Mouse fits within the plastic case in which the mouse comes. The Mouse Preferences window provides short video clips of the Magic Mouse's settings, which are very helpful in understanding both what the function does and the finger motions required to trigger the function. Apple's website also provides video clips and text explaining the mouse's features. The Magic Mouse design should alleviate the problem of dirt in the mechanics experienced by earlier mice.

Read the full article: Apple Magic Mouse (7-15-14)

NuStand for Apple TV

The NuStand is a viable option for Apple TV owners to hold your Apple TV in a vertical position. With it's rubberized feet, it keeps the Apple TV from sliding around, and it's black shiny look compliments the look of the Apple TV. It uses less horizontal space than the Apple TV does when it's sitting flat, but it's not a huge savings. Whether it's right for you or not really depends upon the dimensions of the space you are working with. The retail price seems a bit high, but if you can pick it up for the street price, it's a solid stand, and a nice companion for your Apple TV.

Read the full article: NuStand for Apple TV (1-21-13)

FrameShift iPad Stand

Overall, I strongly recommend this stand for anyone looking for a versatile and sturdy iPad stand. It sports quality and stylish workmanship, just what you would want paired with your precious iPad. It's versatility allows for vertical and horizontal viewing, and full adjustability on viewing angle. If you have a thick cover, you'll have to remove the iPad from the cover to use the stand, so just be careful. At $99, not everyone will be able to afford one (that's 25% of the cost of a new iPad 2), so I'm hoping to see it sold on Amazon at a street price that's more in reach for those on limited budgets.

Read the full article: FrameShift iPad Stand (1-21-13)

VMWare Fusion 4 vs Parallels Desktop 7 - Benchmarks

Are you wondering what the latest speed tests are for running Windows on your Mac? Check out these MachTech benchmarks comparing VMWare Fusion 4 and Parallels Desktop 7. As author Nick Ticktin concludes, "One thing is clear: virtualization for the Mac works well."

Read the benchmark excerpts: VMware Fusion 4 vs Parallels Desktop 7 (11-1-11)

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