Mac Guild Stitched Logo

Shirts and Hats

by Bill Catambay (Apr 17, 2008)

Working with Logoworks, the Mac Guild has created its own user group logo, and has completed the setup for this logo for stitching into any premium quality clothing item that you can find at Logowork's website for promotional products.

Here are some samples of products sporting the Mac Guild stitched logo (click on the picture for a close-up view):

Premium Quality Denim Shirt

Blue Baseball Cap

To order, go to and look for a specific style of shirt and/or hat that you like. Shirts can be found at, and hats at

While both these pages have a lot of options, you can find even more options by going to the
clothing vendor's website. There are woven shirts, knit shirts, t-shirts, active wear, headwear, pants and shorts, and more! Hats can be found at Sanmar and Centry21.

Keep in minds that the
Sanmar website shows you the cost without embroidery. To determine cost with Mac Guild stitched embroidery, add $10 to the price.

As an example of pricing, the Sanmar
cotton twill long-sleeved dress shirt is $33.98. Add $10 for Mac Guild embroidery, and the total is $43.98 (NOTE: the prices on the Logoworks website already include the price of embroidery).

Once you find the item or items that you like, write down the style, color, and any other important information. With this information, contact Logoworks to order the item (Logoworks has record of the Mac Guild embroidery set up). The Mac Guild set up fee has already been paid. You will contact Dan Vance either by calling him at 1-888-908-5646, or emailing him at dan.vance AT hp DOT com.

NOTE: The Mac Guild does not receive any proceeds from these sales. These are quality items, and the price you pay is the normal price of the item with embroidery.

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