Contest Rules

The contest starts with 10 contestants, and the object is to survive to the end. Only one contestant walks away with the grand prize. To mix things up, the value of the grand prize is dependant upon how well the contestants work with one another.

There will be a series of tests and challenges that will give the contestants the opportunity to increase the grand prize. The contestants need to work together to achieve many of the goals, so when one member falters, all will falter. In the midst of the action, one of the contestants is the MacMole, secretly trying to thwart the efforts of the others without being detected.

At the end of each round, each contestant will take a test involving the Mac and the MacMole. The one who scores lowest on this test is executed, removed from the game. Those who remain move on into the next round, until there are just two left, the MacMole and the grand prize winner.

To know the MacMole is the advantage!