MacMole Prize Vault

MacMole Contest Winner: Jim Melton

The winner of the MacMole contest receives the total pot of "Avalon dollars" earned by the contestants through the course of the contest. There was a total of $1,000,000 possible to earn. The MacMole contestants earned $900,000.

Using $900,000, the winner shall choose from the list of prizes below.

The runners-up receive a variety of consolation prizes. Click here to see the prizes claimed.

Avalon Prize Selections


Title Description

$500,000 (US$400)

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 / Fireworks 4 Bundle

NOTE: This item was not claimed, and will therefore be raffled off!
Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4 packs layer upon layer of powerful features, for just about any Web developer's needs and preferences. Programmers who build sites by using only a basic text editor are rewarded with features for source-code inspection. Code View's text-editing environment offers such customizable features as live syntax coloring, tag balancing, and auto indenting. Noncoding types can click and drag sites together by using one of the finer visual editors available. Within those layers of features, there are resources for creating forms, Flash files, frames, cascading style sheets, Java and ActiveX files, and more.

The quickest and easiest way to design graphics in the Dreamweaver world is via Fireworks 4. Fireworks' strengths lie in its focus on the creation and optimization of bitmapped and vector Web graphics. The files are integrated into Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver easily, and importing/exporting Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files is a breeze; especially with the program's improved layer mask handling, and a new Color Fill Live effect. A Live Animation feature creates frame-based GIF animations, using symbols, instances, and tweening features that are familiar to Flash users. With built-in HTML and JavaScript capabilities, version 4 delivers the goods to the Web graphics design community.

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$500,000 (US$200)

QPS 10 GB Firewire Drive

The Que! M2 Quadslim 10GB hard drive is a very slim and light firewire drive from QPS. This drives sports a beautiful design, is slim, lightweight and stackable, runs cool, quiet and fast, and comes with a very convenient carrying bag and accessories.

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$350,000 (US$40)

MacSoft Tropico As the newly installed dictator of an obscure Caribbean island, you will need to build a path of progress for a nation mired in poverty, civil unrest, and infighting. Oh, and uhh... you'll also need to stash a few million in your Swiss bank account just in case you need to take early retirement. Tropico takes the addictive building-oriented gameplay of such hits as SimCity 3000 and Railroad Tycoon II, combines it with a healthy dose of Latin American political intrigue, and bundles it up in an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, utterly addictive package.

$350,000 (US$45)

Microsoft Intellimouse Optical

This is a wonderful Optical USB 4-button mouse with scroll wheel, complete with easy to use software. The scroll wheel also acts as a 5th button. Program the mouse as you desire, and use the scroll wheel for scrolling documents, web pages, and more. Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical is one of Microsoft's best-selling optical mice, featuring a versatile ambidextrous design and supercharged with Microsoftís new proprietary IntelliEye optical technology.

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$300,000 (US$30)

Zork Grand Inquisitor In the first of many clever references to its predecessors in the Zork series, Grand Inquisitor opens with a bald foppish dictator banning the use of magic throughout the Great Underground Empire. For gamers who plodded through the rather tedious Return to Zork and oddly humorless Zork Nemesis, the plot device is an obvious metaphor for what has happened to the longest-running series (20 years!) in computer gaming. Zork's signature wit and absurdity seemed to have been lost in the jump from text to graphic adventuring. Well, the magic may be gone from the land, but it has not vanished from the game. Grand Inquisitor is the best graphical Zork yet, and one of the most consistently entertaining adventures of the year.

$300,000 (US$100)

Apple Hypercard 2.4 Hypercard is a comprehensive package of tools for authoring media-rich interactive solutions. Create your own wide range of applications including multimedia presentations, CD-ROM titles, courseware, and computer-based training materials. Use HyperCard features such as Button Tasks to start creating simple interactive applications immediately, without scripting. Incorporate audio, graphics, animations, movies, and virtual reality scenes into your solutions.

$250,000 (US$50)

Web Design: Studio Secrets

AMAZON REVIEW: There's a lot to love about this book. It profiles a good selection of web sites, all in full color. Some design books feature sites that are so unusual, it's hard to apply them to your daily work, but this book focuses on business sites that make excellent examples. The text covers all aspects of web design, including site conception, HTML, animation, producing large sites, site promotion, business practices, etc. Most of the chapters are interesting to read, and I found useful tips even in areas I thought I knew thoroughly.

$250,000 (US$30)

Office Mac 2001: The Missing Manual AMAZON REVIEW: I picked up this book a couple of weeks back and I have to say that I love it enough that I am going to go back and pick up the OS 9 Missing Manual. The book is well laid-out, it's clearly written, it's up to date (for now) and I found out enough info for Excel that made it worth the money to buy it. The book is aimed at someone who is relatively familiar with the Mac operating system but not with Office 2001. It starts from the beginning but does not coddle you. I think it even goes so far as Excel macro programming but I have yet to go so far.

$250,000 (US$25)

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual AMAZON REVIEW: Based on my positive experiences with Pogue (and Joseph Schorr's) "Mac Secrets", I preordered this book in September, choosing to wait for it to be published despite a number of Mac OS X books already on the market. Let me tell you: I'm glad I waited. I solved my three biggest OS X issues within an hour of receiving my copy, and learned a great deal more after reading through more thoroughly.

$250,000 (US$20)

iMovie 2: The Missing Manual AMAZON REVIEW: If there was an Academy Award for manuals, this is the winner. Part One, of this 402 page manual, is worth the total cost of the book. David Pogue creates an excitement for Digital Video Photography, and iMovie 2 editing on a Macintosh. The manual is very well written, and is full of illustrations, hints, tips and techniques. It reads like a great novel, you do not want to put it down. Apple's iMovie 2 is a very powerful Digital Video Editing program, but lacks in documentation like Don Rickles lacks tack. If you have spent a $1,000 for a Digital Video Camera, and have a PowerMac computer with iMove 2, your next step to using them is, "iMovie, The manual that should have been in the box." I was editing video clips, and creating DVD (disc) movies after just a few hours with this book.

$200,000 (US$20)

The Castle

The Castle is a fun Myst-like adventure game, with an interesting story unfolding as you discover pieces of a diary. The puzzles will keep your brain working. Whether you're a Myst fan or not, this game has a nice and stable interface and some intriguing content.

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$200,000 (US$20)

AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual AMAZON REVIEW: Having just purchased an iMac as a home computer, I am totally new to AppleWorks. This book is a godsend -- it takes you step by step through various program functions and helps you trouble shoot any possible problem.

$200,000 (US$20)

Learning the UNIX Operation System AMAZON REVIEW: People who have never used Unix will find it very intimidating, but this book will definitely change that. This book doesn't try to throw a lot of information at you, but rather, it gives you a nice, easy-going introduction to using Unix. Some of the books strengths are its using of examples and illustrations. Using screens shots to show what the user will (or should) see helps the Unix shy better understand should happen when they do something. This book really does a good job in going step by step in order to accomplish. New users definitely won't feel like they will get lost. The other strength is how the book covers errors that users might encounter, and how to deal with them. Afterall, new users will make mistakes, and it helps to have a book that will tell users why they got that error. If you have a fair amount of experience in Unix, you should definitely read other books. If you are really new to Unix, then definitely read this book. You will definitely feel more confident when you are done. Even those who have learned Unix before just might learn sometihng new.

$200,000 (US$30)

Applescript In A Nutshell

AMAZON REVIEW: Cocoa and Carbon may have grabbed the attention of Mac OS programmers lately, but AppleScript remains the tool of choice for programmers who prefer to interact with their operating system and applications at a relatively high level. AppleScript in a Nutshell documents AppleScript throughout its evolution, including the versions that ship with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.1. Explanations of how to script the Mac OS X desktop and the TextEdit application that accompanies Mac OS X are particularly handy.

Topics covered:

  • The core of the AppleScript language
  • The scriptable aspects of Mac OS versions 9, 9.1, and X
  • Scripting applications
  • Scripting for network configuration
  • Scripting additions

$200,000 (US$18)

Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer AMAZON REVIEW: This is a must-have book for any fan of Apple. It's possibly the most thorough - yet still readable - history of the company. It mixes business facts, behind-the-scenes secrets, and pop culture tidbits beautifully. Along the way, you'll learn the ins and outs of other computer companies (Microsoft, IBM, AOL, NeXT, Power Computing, Xerox PARC, etc) and a lot about the history of the industry in general and the players in particular. Linzmayer is the author of "The Mac Bathroom Reader," and knows what he's talking about. Not only does "Apple Confindential" add more history that wasn't in that volume, but it's redesigned, updated to this year, and includes Steve Jobs' return and the iMac success. In a word, breathtaking: It has quotes from everyone involved, timelines, products lists, a history, a little opinion, analysis, stock info, classic pictures. It's all here. I'd write more, but I'm going to read it again. And I now know what to give other Apple fans for gifts.

$200,000 (US$25)

Apple Sweatshirt Hard to find one-size-fits-all Apple sweatshirt (actual size is XXL).

$150,000 (US$60)

Smith Micro VideoLink Pro

Videolink Pro quickly and cost-effectively turns any Macintosh into a videoconferencing station whether it's connected across the Internet or over a network. Easy to set up and even easier to use, the software takes advantage of the extensive multimedia capabilities of the Mac platform, as well as the functionality provided by QuickTime, to deliver high-quality audio and video. Based on the standard H.323 videoconferencing protocol, VideoLink Pro can connect you to other Windows videoconferencing products such as Microsoft NetMeeting, Intel Proshare Video, and WhitePine CUseeME Pro. Features include: Pause Control, to conveniently place a conference call on hold; Volume Control; Mic Control; Telephone Control, to connect or disconnect a call; Outbound Video Window, to preview outgoing video; LCD Document Window, with an audio frequency analyzer, elapsed time and convenient audio, chat and video connection status; Inbound Video Window, which allows three different image sizes; Chat Tray; and Favorites, a bin of easily accessible favorite connections which lets you double-click an entry to make a call.

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$150,000 (US$20)

Apple White Mock Turtleneck

This is an awesome white cotton mock turtleneck sporting a stylish red Apple logo on the front.

$150,000 (US$18)

Black Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge T-shirt Black t-shirt with a blue 3MG logo on the front and the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge intro screen on the back (XL only).

$125,000 (US$15)

White Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge T-shirt White t-shirt with MMMG shield logo on the front and collage of game sprites on the back (XL only).

$100,000 (US$10)

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge First-person action adventure game, a total conversion of Marathon Infinity. Features all new sounds and graphics with a story that weaves a tale of truth and honor, knighthood and bravery, darkness and treachery. Read more...

$100,000 (US$10)

Assorted Apple T-shirts Ranging from the G4 Cube, Been There Done That, OS X, and iMac, and in sizes from Medium to XX-Large, these are authentic Apple t-shirts. (Maximum of 2 allowed per contestant)

$25,000 (US$7)

Apple Mouse Pad

A stylish circle-shaped mouse pad sporting the Apple logo. (Maximum of 2 allowed per contestant)