The Original Players

The MacMole contest started with 10 players, each earning their way into the contest through a Mac Guild event. These original players are:

Stan Hadley (from Knoxville, TN)
reviewed ApplWindows 2.0.2 and FinderPop 1.9.2

Earl Bruch (from Maple Shade, NJ)
reviewed GifConverter 2.4 and Iconographer 2.0.1

Bob Kenyon (from San Jose, CA)
reviewed BBEdit 6.1

Thomas Leahey (from New Orleans, LA)
reviewed Sonicfire Pro and Discribe 4.0

Mark Wood (from Ft Worth, TX)
reviewed Fetch 3.0.3 and ButtonMaker 2.0

Moe Bradley (from Orlando, FL)
donated to the Mac Guild fund

Mike Dingler (from Philadelphia, PA)
donated to the Mac Guild fund

Jim Melton (from Centennial, CO)
reviewed Interarchy 4.0 and CodeWarrior 6.1

Judd Spitzer (from Cocoa, FL)
reviewed e-PicturePro

Lawrence Peng (from Pleasanton, CA)
reviewed WWDC 2001

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