Winner Announcement

Starting in June of last year, 10 brave Mac Guild members set off on a journey that they never possibly could have imagined would conclude a year later!

After 7 grueling challenges and 7 MacMole elimination quizzes, we finally have a winner!

For those who have not been keeping up with the contest, the way it works is that each challenge earns points towards the prize vault. After each challenge is a 25-question quiz round, and the lowest score of the quiz is eliminated from the game. Among the contestants is a MacMole, and many of the questions are about the secret identity of the MacMole.

To see details about each of the 7 challenges, click on any of the "Challenge" links on the left. The final challenge was an Arena game which you are all welcome to download and give a try!

After Challenge 7, we were down to 3 contestants:

Unlike previous rounds where 25 questions were asked, this Quiz contained only 15 questions related to the MacMole. The other 10 points were earned by the Arena scores. Had Jim not turned in Tom's codes, he would have won hands down. However, he went for maximizing the prize vault, and the quiz scores ended up being a tie (both Jim and Tom had concluded correctly that Bob was the MacMole).

The tie breaker was the accumulation of past quiz scores; Jim was victorious.

To see the great prizes that Jim got to choose from, check out the
Prize Vault.

The top 6 contestants as well as the MacMole also walked away with some nice consolation prizes. To see all the cool prizes given away, check out the
MacMole claims page.

On the
Prize Vault page, the top prize went unclaimed. This prize, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 / Fireworks 4 Studio Bundle (value $399), was raffled off in a subsequent Mac Guild drawing.

Congratulations to Jim and all the MacMole contestants for a game well played! Be sure to read the
Final Words of each of the finalists.