The Mac Guild's 3rd Annual Guild contest was called "The MacMole". The rules were simply to survive until the end, and surviving meant participating in the challenges, knowing your Mac trivia, and figuring out which contestant was a secretly planted "mole" working for the Guild. Click here for the complete rules.

This contest broke all records in terms of length, as the contest started on 6/21/01, and did not conclude until 5/12/02, nearly a year later! On that fateful day, Jim Melton was declared the winner, and walked away with a QPS 10 GB Firewire Hard Drive and a Microsoft Intellimouse. But wait, there's more! Yes, Jim also got a handful of bonus gifts, as did the MacMole and six of the runner-ups. If you want to know what kind of cool stuff the Mac Guild hands out for its contests, be sure to visit the
Claims Page.

This was a hard fought battle intwined with a lot of creative fun. For the contestants that braved it the longest, find out what their
final thoughts and reflections are for this contest.

Get ready for the next contest! It's sure to be a lot of fun, with more cool prizes!