Challenge #4
Rescue Mission Chronicles

NEWS FLASH: Larry and Tom have been kidnapped! The MacMole Rescue team of Bob, Moe, Earl and Jim have been notified. Moe is in Utah, Bob in Alaska, Earl in West Virginia, and Jim in Maine.

Larry catches glimpse of Freaky Fox as he is thrown into a van. Tom catches glimpse of Devious Dog as he is placed into the trunk of a car.

Freaky Fox leaves clue in Chicago that he may be headed to Tampico, Mexico.

Moe has left Utah and flown to Chicago. Jim has left Maine and flown to Omaha. Bob has left Alaska and flown to Chicago.

Confirmed reports that Freaky Fox left the country. Moe has left Chicago and flown to Tampico, Mexico.

In order to facilitate a more cohesive rescue team, Earl has been voted out of the rescue mission ($5,000 is lost from the pot). All clues issued to Earl will now be shared freely with the entire rescue team.

Devious Dog reported to store up on steaks in Omaha, and then fly to Greenland. Bob flies from Chicago to Tampico. Jim flies from Omaha to Alberta. Bob flies from Tampico to Alberta.

Tom taking train to Panama from Tampico.

Tom boards a cruiseliner at the Panama Canal. Larry shivers as he is being held up in Greenland with Dog.

Jim flies from Alberta to Chicago.

Jim flies from Chicago to Nuuk, Greenland. Bob flies from Alberta to Nuuk, Greenland.

Cruiseliner Daisy docks at Ivory Coast, and Freaky Fox rents a safari Jeep.

Moe flies from Tampico, Mexico to Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire, Africa.

Jim charters a small plane to take him to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Bob gets a seat on charter plane and rides with Jim to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Dog charters plane to Germany, takes Larry.

Jim flies from Greenland to Germany. Jim flies from Germany to Wales.

Fox reaches El Minya, Egypt, and takes a boat up the Nile with Tom. The bumpy jeep ride is finally over, as Tom takes a ride in a boat. Along the sides of the river is an occasional tribe, as well as some Egyptian music. Blindfolded again, Larry can hear Devious Dog in the next room swearing off the food, demanding something without Sauerkraut.

Bob flies from Greenland to Germany. Moe rents a safari Jeep and drives to Algeria.

Moe drives from Algeria to Cairo, Egypt.

Jim flies from Wales to Germany.

The rescue team rests for a few months, as times are tough and funds are low. New funding is received in February, and the rescue mission continues...

Larry escaped on his own, and is now touring Europe at his own leisure! Jim and Bob fly to Egypt to help Moe rescue Tom. Devious Dog joins Freaky Fox in Egypt.

With new funds and new supplies, the rescue team tracks Dog and Fox to Egypt. Moe carries a Rope, Chopsticks, and a Hammer. Jim carries Gold, a Pry Bar, and some Ice. Bob has a Chisel and a Key,

Security forces to King Amund have scouted that one of the Americans reported in the area has obtained the proper tools to unlock the secrets of the Sapphire of Amund. Forces are on the way now to secure the sapphire to a new location.

Freaky Fox, perched in a tree, spots Bob drinking at the Oasis. Just as the Fox takes aim at Bob to take him out, Bob notices a glare from the rifle, and runs for the closest building, a nearby Tower. Freaky Fox is hot on his tail, and the only way Bob can be saved is if he could find a way into the museum at the bottom of the tower. The only way is is a door which is locked. Bob opens the museum door with the key. Bob has found refuge in the Museum! Freaky Fox, rather than attempting to follow him into the museum, abruptly turns around, as if something more important just came up.

Bob wanders through the museum, until he bumps into Abdula, the museum curator. Abdula tells Bob of a labryinth beneath the town which leads to the 3 pyramids. Entrance to the labyrinth can be found in the courtyard at Castle Damir (hostile territory) or the Temple of Molan.

Moe has been detained in Castle Damir for what appeared at first as "routine" questioning. However, it appears that the castle guards are working with Devious Dog, and while Moe was locked up in the castle, the guards left to find Devious Dog. Moe must find a way to exit from the castle before Devious Dog returns, or else it surely means her demise!

Moe secures one end of the rope in the room and tosses the other end out of the window on the west side of the room, climbs out and proceeds to repel down the outside of the castle. Moe has successfully escape Castle Damir! Looking for a safe hideout, she stumbles upon a grate in the castle courtyard, and the grate is unlocked. She opens the grate to find a stairway leading down. At the bottom of the stairs are 3 underground corridors, each leading to one of the 3 pyramids.

A horde of barbarians threatens the life of Jim as he attempts to help with the rescue mission. The barbarian scout has returned to the horde and informed the barbarian leader of Jim's whereabouts. Jim must find a safe passage before it's too late!

Jim gives gold to Akim, the man on a camel. Akim pulls Jim up onto his camel, and rides him north and through the great pyramids. They ride east to the Temple of Molan. There Jim speaks with two Monks who tell Jim of a secret passage to an underground labyrinth from within the temple. The labyrinth leads in three directions, each tunnel to each pyramid. Following the monk's directions, Jim enters the temple, finds the secret passage, and chooses the path to pyramid #2. Jim encounters the tomb of Modundi's Mummy!

The ancient shrine of Modundi has been disturbed! As the American adventurers come closer to discovering the mummy remains of Modundi, including obtaining the needed tool to uncover the remains, the army of the Shahit, sworn to protect the mummy at all costs, are moving in to prevent anyone from disturbing the resting grounds of Modundi.

Freaky Fox shot off some rounds a Bob, but Bob escaped into the museum. Just as Fox was about to enter the museum, he gets word that the Americans have secured the proper tools to rescue Tom from the pyramid! Abruptly, he abandons his hunt for Bob and begins back to the pyramid to secure his hostage.

Using his handy-dandy pry bar, Jim opens the tomb of Modundi's Mummy. Jim has uncovered Modundi's Mummy! Success!

Not wanting to disturb the spirits, Jim takes several pictures with his digital camera, and then re-seals the tomb. He then heads back over to the labyrinth and ponders his next move.

Moe chooses the underground passage that leads to Pyramid #3.

Moe wanders aimlessly through the elaborate maze of passages in Pyramid #3.

As Moe makes her way around the dark mazes of Pyramid #3, she stumples upon a large room with two doors. Behind one door is a tool shed, and behind the other door is an old abandoned office. Moe goes into the tool shed opens the door to the tool shed, and goes in...

To her disappointment, all the tools have been taken, and there is nothing left but a lot of dirt and cobwebs. Moe reverses her path and enters the office. In the office Moe finds the skeletal remains of an office worker. Sitting in the rusted office chair, and covered in spider webs, in the skeletal hand Moe discovers a slip of paper. On that paper are scrawled the letters: A6PP79

The block of ice Jim is lugging with him has now melted to half of its original size. If there is anything to be done with this ice, it had better be soon!

Jim leaves pyramid 2 and wends his way through the labrynth to pyramid #1.

Jim enters a large room with a bigger than life sized painting of King Amund on the wall. He hears a clattering sound, and looks up at the wall trying to figure out where it is coming from. Then, as he looks away, a large beetle jumps out of one of the eyes in the painting. Upon a closer look, Jim notices that there are holes where both eyes are.

Jim examines the painting carefully to see if there is a way to move or remove it from the wall.

Jim then ponders, "If only I had two thing cylindrical shaped objects that I could poke through these holes..."

Bob makes his way to the labyrinth entrance in the courtyard at the Temple of Molan, and walks around the back of the temple.

Moe hears Larry calling her and follows the sound of his voice....

Abruptly, she smacks into a wall. Moe has wandered out the back of the office into a large vaulted hallway. At the end of the hallway are two large doors. On the left door is a cone-shaped hole where one would expect a lock to be.

Moe makes note of the left door's location, then opens the other door... Her attempt to open the locked door is futile.

Moe shrugs her shoulders, muttering, "Well, it was worth a try." under her breath. She turns around and makes her way back to her entry point into the tunnels, and locates the tunnel leading to Pyramid #1.

As Moe stumbles her way into Pyramid #1, she hears a cry, "Ouch! Watch it!"

"I'm sorry", Moe responds, "Who is it? Jim?"

"Indeed! Moe! So glad to see you... I need your help..."

Moe hugs Jim, happy to see that he is OK. Looks around and notices the creepy picture on the wall...

"Here, Jim...try these..." says Moe, as she hands Jim a set of chopsticks to poke through the eyeholes in the painting.

Jim takes the chopsticks from Moe and carefully places one in each of the eyeholes. Working together, Jim and Moe lift the picture off the wall.

Delirious from the lack of oxygen under the Pyramids, Jim and Moe become obsessed with trying to remove the painting of King Amund from the wall. Finally realizing that the image of the King is actually painted on the wall, and not on a canvas, they relax themselves. What did poking the eyes do? As they pondered the situation, a loud rumbling sound begins! The walls are shaking, dirt and rock are falling from the ceiling! As Moe and Jim look for cover, the wall where the painting is starts to slide to the left. As the wall opens, brilliant colors shine in all different directions. There sits the great Sapphire of Amund!

Moe gasps and retrieves the brilliant blue stone. She cries out, "EUREKA!"

Moe's smile is as brilliant as the sapphire she holds. "Jim...the sapphire! We got it!"

"Now all we have to do is get the ruby, and Tom, then get out of here alive!" the hammer and hook up with Bob. He has the chisel. Use the hammer and chisel to make a cylinder that will fit into the door in Pyramid 3...I think that's where Tom is..."

Jim now holds the hammer, pry bar, bar of ice, and a little bit of gold.

Jim gathers up his growing bag of tools and leaves pyramid #1 and makes his way toward pyramid #3.

On the way, he ponders the chicken-scratched instructions Moe left him about rooms and doors and cones.

Jim is starting to think that a soda over ice would be nice right about now.

Jim follows Moe's path through the office in the bottom of Pyramid #3. Out the back of the office, Jim comes upon the 2 large doors in the long hallways with the vaulted ceiling. In one of the doors, there appears to be a locking mechanism in the shape of a cone.

Code Sheet posted:
Push left button twice, push right button once, turn center dial clockwise 3 times, push right button once more, then turn center dial counter-clockwise once.

Candles are lit throughout the Temple of Molan. The Code Sheet has been compromised, cries one of the Monks. Quickly, the Monks send a scout to beckon help to protect the Ruby of Savadir!

Bob makes his way to the labyrinth entrance in the courtyard at the Temple of Molan.
...and walks around the back of the temple.

In the back of the temple, Bob finds a chest with a peculiar locking mechanism. There is a set of two buttons, one on each side, and a dial in the middle. Bob ponders what possible combination of these contraptions would unlock the chest.

Quizimmm.... foosh... clik clik... petow!

With an eerie glow eminating from the rim of the chest, the chest lid slowly opens up, revealing a magnificent ruby of blinding color!

Bob leaves the rear of the temple, travels into the labyrinth, through the office under Pyramid 3 and meets Jim by the two large doors with his chisel.

Jim is ecstatic! He has considered trying to shape the ice with the hammer alone, but did not want to risk breaking the cube and eliminating their one chance of unlocking the door.

Jim looks at Bob.

Bob looks at Jim.

What will happen next?

Since neither Jim nor Bob have had ice sculpting lessons, they decide to flip one of Jim's remaining gold coins to see who will do the honors.

Bob calls tails. As the coin lands, the image of a camel's face lands up. Curious, Jim flips the coin over to see the portrait of King Amund. It appears that it was a two-headed coin (which is just as well, because if the "head" was a camel's face, the "tails" would be ... nasty.

Moe joins Jim in Pyramid #3, looking like she is ready to carve something up...

Bob stands there, mesmerized by the shiney 2-headed coin. Moe takes one look at his blank expression and takes the chisel from him non-responsive form...

Moe rolls up her sleeves and sizes up the block of ice, then carefully examines the cone-shaped opening in the door. She turns to Jim, who hands her the hammer he has been holding, then steps back as Moe begins to chip away at the block of ice.

Moe carefully scribes a circle on the top of the ice, then places the chisel at an angle against the scribe mark. With several swings of the hammer, Moe manages to break a cylindrical chunk of ice loose from the large block and fits the end of it against the hole in the door...

Nearly overcome by the heat, Jim gathers up the left-over ice chips. If only he had some syrup, they could have a nice refreshing snow cone.

Rather than complain about what they do not have, he decides that ice chips will be refreshing and pops a sliver into his mouth.

Jim is mostly glad to get the ice out of his pocket. He has an embarrassing wet spot.

In the back of the temple, Bob finds a chest with a peculiar locking mechanism. There is a set of two buttons, one on each side, and a dial in the middle. Bob ponders what possible combination of these contraptions would unlock the chest.

Bob applies the following sequence to the lock on the chest: Push left button twice, push right button once, turn center dial clockwise 3 times, push right button once more, then turn center dial counter-clockwise once.

Quizimmm.... foosh... clik clik... petow!

With an eerie glow eminating from the rim of the chest, the chest lid slowly opens up, revealing a magnificent ruby of blinding color!

Soon after Moe props the cone-shapes ice cube into the door, the door slowly creaks open. Inside the dimly lit and dusky room sits an old iron chair, and Tom tied to the chair.

In the distance, you can hear the sound of running camels growing near!

Jim and Moe rush in to untie Tom. Moe is better with knots than Jim, so he leaves Tom to her.

Jim goes back to pick up the coin to snap Bob out of his reverie

Unresponsive, Bob remains standing in the hallways outside the door.

Finally freed after months of captivity, Tom stumbles to his feet. Moe grabs him as he begins to fall.

"It's been awhile since I've been on my feet."

The sounds of camels is growing closer.

Jim rushes to Tom's side and helps Moe as they all three leave the room

Leaving Bob behind, Moe, Tom and Jim head back towards the office...

The camels have stopped running, and Devious Dog and Freaky Fox can be heard clammering in through the entrance above.

I can make it... I'm recovering!!! (I hope!)

I am definetly able to make it, as I'm with Jim and Moe and we're leaving right now!

Tom and Moe take off running for the sanctuary of the Temple....

Jim heads off through the labrynth to the Temple, urging Tom and Moe to follow

I'm right on your heels!

Jim, Moe and Tom wiz back through the underground maze, back into the labyrinth, and off to the Temple.

The horde of barbarians are hustling about outside the temple!

Meanwhile, back in Pyramid #3, Freaky Fox and Devious Dog notice the escapees tracks heading back into the labyrinth. They follow the tracks. Bob is safe for now, until they return.

We're off to the Temple - hopefully unfollowed by theose bastards...

Emerging from the temple, the three escapees notice Akim astride his camel. Remembering the remaining coins in his pocket, Jim asks Akim if he could arrange for some camels in exchange for the remaining gold

Akim agrees. He asks, "How many camels do you need?"

Jim looks at Moe. "Should we get an extra for Bob?"

"Absolutely...I have a feeling he's going to show up any moment now..."

Jim turns to Akim and asks, "Will this be enough for 4 camels?"

Bob jumps up and runs outside to meet the rest with the camels.

Running through the labryinth, Bob notices that Freaky Fox and Devious Dog are in the distance, blocking the passage between him and the temple! He realizes he needs to choose a different path...

He turns another way and goes out through the castle

Akim replies, "Just enough!"

Moments later, Akim rides up with 4 camels...

Jim and Moe help Tom on his camel (he is already delirious from the heat), and mount their camels.

Hearing the ex-captors in the distance, Jim suspects that Bob will not be coming from that direction. He takes the remaining camel and leads the escapees toward the castle

Jim, Tom and Moe reach the castle safely, with a 4th empty camel in tow. The area looks clear. The trio could probably ride off to the west to their safety. Should they leave without Bob?

As the trio approaches the castle, Moe points out the opening in the ground that leads to the underground passages to the pyramids. "Bob should be coming out of there any second..."

"Let's wait while we have the time...we can always leave a camel for him to follow us, if we are forced to leave suddenly."

The trio rest under the sun.

Freaky Fox and Devious Dog emerge at the Temple of Molan. They hire some of the barbarians, and begin their hunt.

The trio has 30 minutes before risk of being caught.

Bob takes the path that leads to the open grate.

As the trio sit impatiently in the Castle courtyard, staring at the still grate, they begin to hear the sounds of camels in the distance.

Just then, the grate opens. Bob emerges.

He hops onto the camel the others graciously hold for him and rides off.

All four contestants ride off to the west, escaping Freaky Fox and Devious Dog.

Secret Code: Z9IZ49

Rather than let Bob ride randomly, Jim suggests that all 4 of them ride off to the west and to safety (the Marriott awaits)

Camels never go where you point them.