Challenge #7
"MacMole Arena"

In Challenge #7, each contestant is faced with a challenge arena. This challenge involves hand-eye coordination, adventure, action, and team work. Each contestant will be plunged into an environment chosen randomly. It could be a Jurassic environment, a City environment, or a Castle environment. Each arena is worth up to $100,000. Once all 3 goals are reached, another $100,000 is earned for the prize pot.

There are also "Hidden Egg" terminals in the game, and these are worth points towards the prize chest.

This time around, each player's score in the challenge will also be incorporated into their final quiz score! Instead of 25 questions for the final quiz, there will only be 15 questions. The remaining 10 points will be earned through this challenge (1 point for each $10,000 earned).

The Scoring:
Each arena is made up of two levels, and contains 5 Egg terminals, and one goal. The Egg terminals and goals display a game code which must be emailed to claim the points.

Each Egg terminal code: $10,000 points
Each Goal code: $50 points

All 3 Goal codes: Additional $100,000 points

This challenge also allows for picking up the slack on non-performing fellow contestants. The goal of the challenge is to earn as many points for the prize chest as you can, and each of you are free to earn points for your fellow contestants by exploring their arenas and turning in their codes. The arena scores are also applied to the final quiz score (1 point for each $10,000 earned). That means that if one player turns in a code for another player, the other player gets free quiz points. The trick is to find a good balance between earning the most points towards the prize chest and awarding fellow contestants the least amount of free points.

NOTE: There is no point duplication.

The Arenas:
The arenas are 2-level maps built using Marathon game engine and the
EMR environment.




Don't fear the reaper. The bad guys in these levels are nearly harmless. Save a lot. Look for the save terminals, and save every chance you get (there are no save terminals in the first level). On the other hand, if you are near zero in health, and about to engage in a battle, that would not be a good time to save. Power up first. There should be plenty of power up terminals and power up potions in the levels. Run, boy, run! Keep your caps lock down so that you move fast when you move. If you need to slow down, then turn off caps lock to walk. When under water, caps lock down makes you swim to the surface, turning off caps lock makes you sink (so that you can walk on the bottom which you may need to do from time to time). The easiest way out of water is by way of a stairway, but you can also climb up a ledge. Sometimes you may have to let yourself sink (caps lock off) and then swim up (caps lock on) to gain enough momentum to jump up higher water ledges.

An account has been created for all Mac Guild members to logon and status the challenge. Here's how to status this challenge:

The Results

The Arenas were released on 4/18/02, and the deadline for turning in Arena codes was 5/6/02.

Jim turned in all the codes for the Castle Arena, earning $100,000

Tom turned in 4 out of 5 Egg codes for the Jurassic Arean, earning $40,000.

Jim turned in all the codes for both the Jurassic Arena and the City Arena, earning an additional $160,000.

All Arenas were completed, earning the bonus of $100,000.

The total earned for Challenge 7 was $400,000 out of $400,000.