Challenge #4
"Rescue Mission"

Challenge #4 required the group to participate in a rescue mission. Two of the contestants were kidnapped, and the other contestants had to track them down and then rescue them with a minimal amount of clues.

The scoring on this challenge was as follows:

Successful Rescue: $40,000
Moe survives: $10,000
Bob survives: $10,000
Jim survives: $10,000
Recover Sapphire of Amund: $10,000
Recover Ruby of Savadir: $10,000
Recover Modundi's Mummy: $5,000

Part 1:
Tracking down the kidnappers, Freaky Fox and Devious Dog, took place from 9/15/01 thru 11/5/01.

Part 2:
The actual rescue mission took place in Egypt from 2/5/02 thru 2/12/02.

The Results
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Key Points:

For a detailed chronicle of the Rescue Mission as it took place, check out the
Mission Chronicles (you can also read the "MacMole" news on the Mists of Avalon hotline server).

Rescue success: $40,000
Moe survived: $10,000
Bob survived: $10,000
Jim survived: $10,000
Sapphire recovered: $10,000
Ruby recovered: $10,000
Mummy recovered: $5,000

Challenge Reward: $95,000
Accumulative Prize Pot: $350,000