Challenge #2
"Guess the Word"

In Challenge #2, the contestants were all given a clue to determine a piece of a word puzzle. Once each member knew their piece, they would need to work together to decipher the secret word or phrase. In addition, there were more questions given out for information gathering. The scoring breakdown was as follows:

1. For each individual who answers the following 5 questions, $5,000 is added to the pot.

2. Using your clues to find your secret letter, and then guessing the secret word is worth $10,000.

3. For each individual who writes a review of the software title that contains their MacMole clue letter, up to $5,000 can be earned per review.

Item 1 points must be earned by July 1st.

Item 2 points must be earned by July 4th.

Item 3 points must be earned by July 7th.

A hint about the secret word: transparent bridging, source route bridging, and Appletalk

The Results


Stan Hadley
1) Starcraft
2) Reactor Physics
3) Kansas City, MO
4) Green
5) Banana

Earl Bruch
1) Snood
2) Data Structures and Algorithms
3) Mercer, New Jersey
4) Blue
5) Apple

Bob Kenyon
1) Riven
2) Vehicle Dynamics
3) Pasadena, CA
4) Blue
5) Banana

Moe Bradley
1) Seahaven Towers
2) Print Journalism
3) New York, New York
4) Brown
5) Banana

Jim Melton
1) Starcraft
2) Data Structures
3) Honolulu, HI
4) Brown
5) Kiwi

Judd Spitzer
1) Hearts Deluxe
2) Interpersonal Communications
3) Fontana, CA
4) Green
5) Apple

Lawrence Peng
1) Quake 3
2) Advanced Ligand Field Theory
3) Seattle, Washington
4) Brown
5) Apple

Thomas Leahey
1) Descent 3
2) Aerodynamics
3) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
4) Blue
5) Raspberries

($40,000 earned)

Secret Word:
TOKENRING ($10,000 earned)

Stan Hadley: $5,000
Moe Bradley: $5,000
Jim Melton: $5,000
Thomas Leahey: $5,000
($20,000 earned)

Challenge Reward: $70,000
Accumulative Prize Pot: $170,000