Challenge #1
"The Information Age"

Challenge #1 was a general questionaire sent out to the participants to gather information.

Contestant # 1: Stan Hadley
1. Favorite Software: Microsoft Excel
2. Macintosh: B&W G3, 350 MHz.
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: QualComm
4. Dream Mac system: A PowerMac G4 (fastest processor available) with a Cinema Display, a superdrive, a color laserjet and high quality scanner.

Contestant # 2: Earl Bruch
1. Favorite Software: Macromedia Director 7
2. Macintosh: PowerMac 6100 with Sonnet G3 upgrade card
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Macromedia
4. Dream Mac system: A dual processor G4 system with 3 ultrascsi 36GB drives, a 80 GB firewire drive, 1/10 Gigabit ethernet, wireless access point( not airport station ) with cable modem connection and built-in print server, CD-RW/DVD-R driver, usb hub, usb IOMEGA ZIP CD 650 and ZIP 250, Nikon Coolscan negative/slide scanner, Montage FR2 Enhanced Film Recorder, Microtek flatbed scanner and Epson Stylus Pro 9000 printer with Mac OS X and OS 9. Software would include multiprocessor enabled software from Adobe, Macromedia, Metastream, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Professional for Mac/Win/PalmOS/PS2 targets and Discreet's 3D studio max. Virtural PC 3.0 with Win98 for testing programs ported to windows on my Mac.

Contestant # 3: Bob Kenyon
1. Favorite Software: BBEdit
2. Macintosh: G4 Cube
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Bare Bones Software
4. Dream Mac system: My Dream Mac system would consist of several different computers for different jobs. I'd have a G4 Tower running as much memory as I could afford, OS X, preferably with more bugs worked out.

Contestant # 4: Thomas Leahey
1. Favorite Software: KPT Bryce
2. Macintosh: Apple PowerMacintosh G3 Minitower
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Adobe Systems
4. Dream Mac system: Quad 2-GHz G5's with 25GB RAM, running MacOS XV, with brainwave & tablet input, Stereo HDTV HUD display, 5.1 digital audio, wireless 3G Internet in a Palm formfactor.

Contestant # 5: Not Applicable
Contestant #5 was replaced later in the contest by Mark Wood, and information for Mark was not collected.

Contestant # 6: Moe Bradley
1. Favorite Software: Dreamweaver/Fireworks and Photoshop
2. Macintosh: G-3/350
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Adobe
4. Dream Mac system: G-4 Titanium 500 mHz Powerbook with max RAM, airport card and basestation, 22" Apple Cinema Display, Epson Stylus 3000 inkjet printer, scanner w/minimum 1200 X 1600 dpi, CD-RW, Apple Pro Mouse, MacAlly ImediaKey keyboard, digital camera with telephoto lens.

Contestant # 7: Mike Dingler
1. Favorite Software: Netscape
2. Macintosh: PowerMac G4 DP 500mhz
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Symantec
4. Dream Mac system: PowerMac G4 DP 500mhz, Cinema Display, HK Soundsticks, iBot camera, LaCie CD burner.

Contestant # 8: Jim Melton
1. Favorite Software: Graphic Converter
2. Macintosh: 8500 with Sonnet G3/400
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Blizzard
4. Dream Mac system: Dual G4 processors (733 or faster), 1GB memory, Apple 22" Cinema display, OS X.5 (after they get some bugs worked out). Add-ons would include a firewire scanner (model not important), Bose satellite speakers (see above - they do sound nice), Sony Pro DV camera, HP PhotoSmart 1218 printer.

Contestant # 9: Judd Spitzer
1. Favorite Software: FileMaker Homepage
2. Macintosh: Original iBook (300Mhz G3)
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Adobe
4. Dream Mac system: G5 at 3GHz with all the trimmings... a 5 Terabyte HD, 10 Gigs of RAM, DVD-RW, Digital videorecorder, Final Cut Pro, all running on the latest version of the Mac OS.

Contestant #10: Lawrence Peng
1. Favorite Software: TeraMedia or Interface Builder
2. Macintosh: 733 MHz G4 tower with DVD-R
3. Favorite Macintosh software vendor: Alsoft
4. Dream Mac system: Probably triple 22 inch (or better) Cinema displays (on at least GeForce 3's) running on a dual or quad (or more) G4 (or whatever is currently best) Mac with OSX. And perhaps this would be part of (or connected to) an OSX cluster (maybe via AppleSeed). If I could, I would have one screen playing DVD's, another screen playing games, and the third for productivity and development work. I suppose if I had to I could sacrifice DVD or games if I needed to second monitor for productivity or development. Naturally I want the biggest baddest memory, I/O, etc. And have pricing at less than today.

The Results

All responded in full.

Challenge Reward: $100,000
Accumulative Prize Pot: $100,000