In the beginning...

Long ago, in the Year of our Lord 1984, the Macintosh was born at Apple Computer. This was not, however, the only new life which came from the company in that fateful year. One of the Apple janitors had a pet mole, Jenny, who was pregnant. One evening, instinctively sensing that the birth was about to take place, Jenny the Mole decided to venture outside of her normal home of the broom closet to locate a better nesting place. Inside of an empty Macintosh casing, Jenny gave birth to the world's first and only Mac Mole.

The Mac Mole was a secret mascot of Apple, a favorite amongst many of the Apple engineers. The Mac Mole was a curious and adventurous soul, perhaps a bit too curious. One summer night, when the Mac Mole had reached teenagehood (in Mole years of course), he walked across a mother board of an open Macintosh unit which still had power hooked up. There was a loud sizzle, and sparks flew everywhere. There was an odd smell in the air, kind of like chicken. The Mac Mole, however, was no where to be found.

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A popular urban legend has it that as the electricity from the short-circuited card surged through the unlucky rodent, a cosmic transformation occurred. In that version the mole was fractured in space and time and where once a happy-go-lucky adolescent rodent stood, two moles appeared, one incarnating the basic good qualities of the Mac Mole; the other embodying the darker side that all creatures possess. But as in many urban legends this is not the truth.

The TRUE story is still shrouded in mystery, as no one was present to observe the event. But the secret is that a forever changed Mac Mole burrowed under the earth that night, into the very center of the Apple campus.

Over the years that followed, tales were shared of chance sightings of the infamous mole, but none of these mole sightings could ever be confirmed. There finally came a day when most accepted that the Mac Mole had met his maker.

While the spirit of the Mac Mole thrived at Apple in the years that followed, there were a few engineers who believed that it was more than just a spirit that wandered the campus as night. It is believed amongst these elite engineers that the Mac Mole came out late at night to test the resolve of Apple engineers, to help keep them on their toes during their long night hours. It was also believed that one day the Mac Mole would emerge and engage in full time activities to ignite renewed energy and enthusiasm in the Macintosh community.

Indeed, after years of working the underground, in 2001, the Mac Mole emerged in full daylight. At first, sightings of the mole were sporadic. Some say he was making up for lost time with frequent visits to the beach, fast food establishments, and all night Marathon net matches. After this short excursion, the Mac Mole went about his task of engaging the Macintosh community. His first target: The Lockheed Martin Macintosh Guild.

Known for his mischievous sense of fun and quick wit, the Mac Mole set out to infiltrate a Mac Guild contest. Partly to keep the contestants on their toes, and partly because it was just plain fun, the Mole went undercover, secretly thwarting the efforts of would-be prize winners, ensuring that any Mac prize that was won would be earned with great fortitude.

...who is the MacMole?