Another offering from the devious mind of Bill Catambay...

First there was the Battle Macintosh Essay contest ...
Then he brought us MacSurvivor ...
... and now ... yet another trial to tease, tempt, and torment ten devoted members of the Lockheed Martin Macintosh Guild ...

MacMole... the Contest!

Start with ten, then watch as, one-by-one, contestants are eliminated by trial and test, until only two are left...the grand prize winner and...the MacMole. Contestants must meet challenges together as a team, and answer quizzes as individuals - the player with the lowest score is eliminated by the dreaded Red Hand, while the others survive to play on...until the next time, when the cycle begins again. All the while, the players must attempt to discover the identity of the MacMole...the player who masquerades as a member of the team, while secretly sabotaging the team's efforts to succeed....

So, let's meet our remaining 7 players...

Contestant #1: Stan Hadley

Stan comes to the contest via Tennessee where he uses a Apple Power Macintosh G3Mac to run his favorite software, Miscrosoft Excel. Stan's favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Contestant #2: Earl Bruch

Earl's dream Mac system would be based upon a multi-processor Power Macintosh G4. Earl's favorite fruit looks just like The Apple Logowhen he takes a bite out of it. And when Earl's not busy creating cool stuff like our Flash movie, you can find him playing Snood.


Contestant #3: Bob Kenyon

Bob Kenyon is know to some as " HelicopterBob".

Bob uses a Apple PowerMac G4 Cube for his computing needs

and he's also a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Contestant # 4: Tom Leahey

Tom hails from The Big Easy, home of Jazz, Cajun cookin' and Mardi Gras...that's right - New Orleans.

Another fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail,

Tom loves running lots of different applications from Adobe Systems on his Apple Power Macintosh G3 Minitower .


Contestant #5: Moe Bradley

Moe comes from the land of Mickey Mouse .  She loves everything about Beauty and the Beast,

to the point of collecting memorabilia from the movie!

At home Moe searches the web on her Apple Power Mac G3.


Contestant #6: Jim Melton

Jim's favorite big-screen gem is The Princess Bride.

Jim's house is loaded with Macs, but he claims the Apple PowerMac 8500as his own.  


Contestant #7: Lawrence Peng

Larry, from Pleasanton, CA. is one of the lucky ones who uses a dual processor Apple Power Macintosh G4 QuickSilver .

(OK, admit're jealous). And though his favorite movie is  Star Trek - First Contact , his affection for his Mac tells us he has NOT been assimilated!

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...who is the MacMole?